Swine Flu hits Rotorua (updated)


Update: the recent flu that has hit Rotorua was not AH1N1 – it was the seasonal variety of Influenza A. From all account the current wave is deminishing. But health officials are bracing further further waves in the future.


TangataWhenua.com has been told by key sources that there have been a significant increase in the number of possible cases of Flu in Rotorua.  Although most of the cases are moderate in severity the spectrum of symptoms is quite varied, some with moderate temperatures some with high.

The consensus is however that Rotorua will see an increase in H1N1 cases over the coming days.

TangataWhenua.com has found that the price of Tamiflu ($78 per course) may impact on who will get access to it.

We will keep you updated as this story develops.

Tamiflu - one suggested treatment for H1N1NOTE: If you’re feeling fluey, have a high fever, body shakes, we recommend you get checked, just to be safe.

Most people will be able to recover with no complications at home. But if you have children with respitory problems (i.e. asthma) it is highly recommended to be aggressive with how quickly you get your children looked at.

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  1. Hey just be on heightened alert e hoa ma.

    Both Atutahi and I tested positive for Influenza A on Thursday night – (Hiona and Nikolasa must have been exposed but have yet to have anything but VERY mild symptoms, so weren’t tested).

    I don’t know what exactly compelled Nikolasa to take Atutahi to the hospital but at about 3am she woke up to find that he still had a high fever even though she’d given him Pamol, she also didn’t like the way he was breathing, something just felt wrong to her.

    The bacterial pneumonia (which if untreated can lead to septicaemia/blood poisoning) was a consequence of his having probable A/H1N1 (our test results will come back on Tuesday but our GP said because A/H1N1 is definitely in Rotorua it is likely we have it (we also had our Flu jabs which means it’s even more unlikely that we simply have the standard seasonal Influenza A).

    On the same day they tested positive 6 other of people tested positive as well.

    Because our bubbas are asthmatic they are much more likely to have more serious symptoms and getting help quickly is the key. Atutahi wasn’t even wheezy, and had a totally clear chest which was why him having the in-drawing was such a warning sign (parents of asthmatic tamariki will know what we mean).

    Just continue to trust your gut feelings (as no doubt you already do) and if in doubt get help fast. These times call for more aggressive actions on our part.

    Nga mihi,
    Managing Director, TangataWhenua.com

  2. Ae, am currently in isolation at the hospital with Atutahi and Potaua is in quarentine at home with Hiona.

    We’ll find out the results on Tuesday and will let you know.


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