May 7, 2021

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Professor Graham Smith to present in Sydney

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Professor Graham Hingangaroa Smith is the Vice-Chancellor/CEO of Te Whare Wanaga o Awanuiarangi and an expert on integrating Indigenous knowledge into western academies and increasing access to Universities for Indigenous students will speak at the University of Sydney on 15 December.

According to Professor Smith, Western higher education institutions would be able to tackle the complex crises of today, such as sustainability in the natural world and in human relationships, more effectively by incorporating Indigenous knowledges development from the philosophical basis of Indigenous cultures.

GSmithCIn his Sydney Ideas lecture titled “Indigenous Knowledges: transforming higher education, transforming society”, Professor Smith will argue traditional teaching and learning institutions should embrace Indigenous knowledges. The recent Bradley Review of Australian Higher Education acknowledged Indigenous knowledges should be “embedded into the curriculum” to give an alternate philosophical base to accepted Western teaching and research systems.

Professor Smith will also discuss the impact of his Indigenous education initiatives including introducing a Maori teaching structure into a traditional University (Auckland), the challenges Indigenous Knowledge scholars face working within the western academy and the implications his work has for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander scholars in Australia.

Professor Smith’s lecture is also a keynote event for the University of Sydney’s symposium Into the academy: Indigenous Knowledges, protocols, ethics, philosophies and methodologies in higher education– which runs from Monday, 14 December to Tuesday, 15 December, 2009.

Event details

What: Indigenous Knowledges: transforming higher education, transforming society – Professor Graham Smith at Sydney Ideas, the University of Sydney’s international public lecture series
When: 6.30pm on Tuesday, 15 December, 2009.
Where: Sydney Law School, Eastern Avenue, Camperdown Campus, University of Sydney
Cost: Free. No RSVP necessary.
Visit the Sydney Ideas website here.

Editor’s note

Professor Smith is the Vice-Chancellor of Te Whare Wananga o Awanuiarangi and was previously Pro Vice Chancellor (Maori) at the University of Auckland where he was instrumental in introducing a Maori University “structure” into the University.

He is an internationally renowned educator and has been at the forefront of many alternative Maori initiatives both within education and in Maori affairs in general. He has been involved in development of Indigenous programs in countries including Canada, the US, Chile and the Pacific Nations. Between 2004 and 2009 he held a Distinguished Professorial position in Indigenous education at the University of British Columbia.

For further information please contact Katrina O’Brien on (02) 9035 7842 or [email protected]

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