Hands up for Learning!!


This week the government launched an attack on teachers and their unions in order to defend their proposed national standards in education.

Nearly all principles, teachers, education experts and many boards of trustees and parents are opposed to national standards in their current form and are calling for a trial. There is almost no precedent in New Zealand for such a radical change in the ways kids are taught to be implemented without the support of the education sector or without any form of trial, let alone the fact that there is little evidence to suggest that standards will improve outcomes for kids anyway.

The more people that understand the issues and what’s at stake the better. For more information go to the NZEI campaign website http://www.handsupforlearning.org.nz/

Read the NZEI produced flyerhttp://www.nzei.org.nz/site/nzeite/files/misc documents/Flyer.pdf

Please let your networks know what is happening too.

Our concerns are:

  • That the Standards are untested;
  • They could label children as young as 5 as failures;
  • They could result in damaging and misleading School League Tables;
  • They are not the solution to under-achievement.

Vaughan Gunson


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