May 15, 2021

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Capitalist media waking up to Tuhoe self-governance (Aotearoa indymedia)

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It looks like the capitalist media is finally realising what the Tuhoe bottom line is in their negotiations with crown. Several media outlets today are reporting on “one of the most controversial treaty settlements ever made” (NewstalkZB) and “a treaty settlement that could be as groundbreaking as it is controversial.” (3 News)

TuhoeTuhoe entered negotiations with the crown in 2008. Terms of Negotiations were signed on 31st July 2008. The Tribunal hearing took place all around Te Urewera in 2004/5. During the Ruatoki hearing, Tame Iti famously shot a flag – possibly the New Zealand flag, maybe the Australian one. 🙂

Self-governance and the return of Te Urewera build the core of Tuhoe’s demands. An initial offer to Tuhoe was rejected last year. The offer included $80 million and co-management of the National Park.

Te Kotahi a Tuhoe (TkaT) was set up as the body to organise the Tribunal hearings. Since the singing of the Terms of Negotiations, a new body was established: the Tuhoe Establishment Trust.

In this year’s TkaT annual report, chairperson Tamati Kruger writes: “We have heard from you [uri of Ngai Tuhoe] that an enduring Tuhoe settlement must possess the foundation to rebuild the Tuhoe Nation we all want to see for our coming generations.” Tamati states further that the “Key Redress Areas or bottom lines for Tuhoe Settlement have centred on:

  • The unencumbered return of Te Urewera Tuhoe homelands
  • Agreed Constitutional arrangements between Tuhoe and the Crown renewing a Tuhoe Crown relationship
  • Financial Redress aimed at addressing Tuhoe infrastructure and creating a Tuhoe economy”

“Te Urewera is Tuhoe homelands. It is where Te Mana Motuhake o Tuhoe lives and grows. There is no other place on earth that has at its foundations or as its vision and purpose Te Mana Motuhake, our Tuhoetanga. For this reason the Negotiating team has heldfast to the return of unrestrictedby the dictates of the National Park status, legislation and governance arrangements. The Crown has asked searching questions about the Iwis capability to manage Te Urewera in the event that it is returned free of the Park status. At this stage our responses have satisfied their needs. The terms of the return would include a 5 10 year transition period, public access and a commitment to ongoing biodiversity and conservation principles.”

So in the foreseeable future, indigenous self-governance will become a reality again in Aotearoa. And not due to a ‘nice’ government, but because of an iwi that is organised, united and staunch!

Many thanks to Urs and the whanau at Indy Media for this choice korero:

4 thoughts on “Capitalist media waking up to Tuhoe self-governance (Aotearoa indymedia)

  1. Kia ora Tuhoe

    We need your help to support the TV3 Polling Opinion – which is asking the country “SHOULD TUHOE GET OWNERSHIP OF THE UREWERAS?”

    Please add your support to the efforts for the return of our homelands. The link is here:

    The article and screening from tonights showing is below:

    Patrick Gowers blog is here, it contains a fuller overview of his investigation of the Tuhoe negotiations:—t

    Please pass on to all the whanau to register their upinion, that you support the return of Te Urewera.

    No reira tatau Tuhoe, kia kakama, rehitahia tau pooti, inaianei.

  2. That's disgusting. The implications for law are attrocious. We will have an unemcumbered body of people unanswerable to the laws that the rest of the country follow. It's not due to maori diligence, but national party greed. It will legitimise the rape, killing and other crimes that tuhoe gangs like the mogrel mob commit. It will fuck law in this country for the forseeable 100 years.

  3. Love this line "Tame Iti famously shot a flag – possibly the New Zealand flag, maybe the Australian one"

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