Maori Outreach Facilitator, Allan Wilson Centre for Molecular Ecology and Evolution (G136-10Q)


School of Biological Sciences

Are you interested in building relationships among Maori and scientists? Were seeking applicants for a full time appointment. The Maori Outreach Facilitator will support the Allan Wilson Centre to lead development and maintenance of effective working relationships with Maori, locally and nationally, both directly and through relevant networks in environmental management agencies such as the Department of Conservation, Ministry of Fisheries, Environmental Risk Management Authority, and regional authorities. One of the main requirements of the job is the ability to communicate the research and goals of the Allan Wilson Centre to Maori and the general public.

We seek applicants with a sound knowledge of tikanga Maori, some background in science and conservation, and proven experience in establishing and maintaining networks of people for positive and collegial outcomes. Knowledge of current scientific research, education, and biodiversity management environments is desirable but not necessarily required for this position.

Closing date May 12th



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