Undercover Kids Bus Shelter Programme gives bus shelters to schools with rural bus routes.

Undercover Kids – The Totalspan Undercover Kids Bus Shelter Programme is about to give away more bus shelters to schools with rural bus routes.
Total Span SamThese shelters are a godsend to rural kids, providing them with greater safety and visibility as well as much needed protection from the elements. This year there will be one round of applications with the aim of approving 100 shelters.
Applications close on Friday, 30 April with successful applicants being announced in mid-June.For more information or to download an application form please click here.
Many thanks to the Federated Farmers for this panui.
To read more, go here.


  1. choice robyn!! atutahi wants me to put armour on our kuri so she looks like him. our dog jackson looks at me in disgust and walks away. sam the dog is a fun marketing tool tho>

  2. I know the guy who started up this company and later sold it, he's my client. He said he hated this dog as his marketing 'representative' because he thought adults would not like it. He was wrong lol.


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