2 Degrees now offering Prepay Options!


2degrees, New Zealands newest mobile network company, today released its first data pack, offering 50MB of mobile data for just $6. This represents the lowest prepay mobile data plan entry price point available on the market.

They have also launched their first text bundle with 2degrees $10 Text, offering 500 texts to any New Zealand network.

In a press release Larrie Moore, 2degrees Chief Marketing Officer says:

Mobile text users have largely been held hostage, paying high prices to text friends and family on other networks, says Larrie Moore, 2degrees Chief Marketing Officer. With 2degrees $10 Text, our customers get a great rate to text anyone anytime so they can stay better connected, regardless of the network they text.

These products are a significant announcement for 2degrees, as they constitute the first prepay Data Pack (dropping the user rate from 50 cents/MB for casual data to 12 cents/MB), and the first any-network Text Pack, with each text costing just 2 cents.

Buy one, get one free

As an additional promotion to mark the launch of the new $10 Text Pack, 2degrees is offering a buy-one-get-one free incentive until 30 June. Customers can access this offer once, to receive a $10 credit to spend on another $10 Text Pack that will kick in the following month.

Both products are available today from 2degrees.


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