May 15, 2021

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Q&A: Hone Harawira interview (TVNZ)

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Q&A’s Paul Holmes interviews Maori Party MP Hone Harwaira

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Here are some of the stand-out quotes from Hone:

The price rise is one, taking away the branding is another, taking the displays of cigarettes out of the power zone, putting them behind the counters, that’s another, reclassifying cigarettes as a drug – there is no other product on the market which does as much to the body that’s not classified as a drug – and limiting sales in different areas. There’s a whole range of things that can be done.



PAUL: What about the alcohol business? We have the same research on alcohol, so why not increase the tax on alcohol? HONE: You’ll have to ask all of those people who drink Paul, I don’t drink so I have nothing to do with the liquor bans. PAUL: That would be politically difficult would it? HONE: Only because most of your rich guys drink.

I think it’s inevitable that it will be used by Maori and New Zealand courts. It will be used by Maori in terms of taking claims to the United Nations, it’ll be used by Maori in a whole range of ways but I don’t think it’s going to be to the detriment of our society, I mean New Zealand has already signed up to the Declaration on the rights of women, on the rights of children, on the rights of workers, on the rights of dogs, I mean what’s wrong with doing one for Maori?

We were swept in on a wave of get rid of that Act, the repeal means that we could sign off and just leave it there, and not worry about it. But we have been hearing from all around the country, and I think Chris has been hearing it as well, Christopher Finlayson, three things – one, Maori are happy with the repeal – two, we think it’s appropriate that we should have our rights restored to go back to court – but three, we think that that title should still be going a lot further towards tupuna title than just public domain, Crown title, tupuna title, public domain, still is actually owned by the Crown, so we need to see it go quite a bit further before Maori would be happy.

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    A leading tohunga has taken the anti-smoking campaign to a new level by putting a curse on tobacco manufacturers.

    Amster Reedy from Ngati Porou has served as a cultural advisor to many groups, including the New Zealand team to the Beijing Olympics.

    He unleashed the makutu in response to industry submissions to the Maori Affairs select committee inquiry into tobacco.

    Mr Reedy says industry representatives seemed to be saying they reserve the right to sell their drug to the poor, black and the stupid.

    “To me that was a slight to Maori. There’s nothing worse than not seeing how we could reply and the traditional Maori response would be the one I adopted which was to look up an old chant and send it on its way,” Mr Reedy says.

    He says the makutu is a potent tool for change from traditional Maori culture which should not be ignored.

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