Iwi Infrastructure Investment: a kaupapa Maori approach, 9-10 Aug, Wellington


Nei ra te reo o Aoraki maunga e topa atu ana ki a koutou hai mihi. E kore rawa ta Tahu Potiki puna whakamihi e mimiti noa. Ko koutou tera e whakaheke motuhi ana kia whai oranga ai te iwi Maori. Kua roa nei koutou e whakaporo riaka ana kia ea ai ng? wawata o o koutou ake whanau, o o koutou ake hapu, o o koutou ake iwi. Ko nga puapua ki aromea kua tutuki i a koutou. No reira, kei te mihi. Eke panuku, eke Tangaroa.

Na koutou te reo karanga, na matou ng? kupu tautoko kia okea ururoatia nga taunahua o te iwi Maori. E ai ki te whakatauki a o tatou nei tupuna, ki te kotahi te kakaho ka whati, ki te kapuia te kakaho e kore e whati. No reira e aku rangatira, nei ra te karanga o Aoraki maunga ki nga topito katoa o te motu kia karapinepine mai i raro i te whakaaro kotahi. No reira e aku manukura, nau mai tauti mai ki raro i tona poho hai wananga, hai korerorero, hai ara whakamua mo tatou, a, mo ka uri a muri ake nei.

Tena koutou, tena koutou, tena koutou katoa.

Our traditions are rich with stories of Inter-Iwi commercial collaboration and trade. This wananga is dedicated to bringing those traditions into the 21st Century, with a particular focus on how Iwi can actively drive and benefit from infrastructure investment and public-private partnerships within a kaupapa Maori framework.

The wananga aims to bring together Iwi and Maori organisation asset managers and representatives, with technical experts in infrastructure and public private partnerships, to identify the many immediate and coming opportunities for Iwi collaboration in infrastructure investment, and most importantly, to wananga how we as Iwi Maori can co-invest together in a kaupapa Maori way.

This is a by Iwi for Iwi wananga.

E hara toku toa he toa takitahi engari taku toa he toa takitini


What Iwi Collaboration in Infrastructure Investment
Where Tapu Te Ranga Marae, 44 Rhine Street, Island Bay, Wellington
When 9-10 August, 2010
Start 9.30am Powhiri 9 August, 2010
RSVP events@ngaitahu.iwi.nz by Thursday 5 August, 2010
Cost No cost for attendance

Nga Whainga

The wananga is intended to support Iwi to collectively determine how we will co-invest in infrastructure and public-private partnerships (PPPs). The programme format is designed so that Iwi attendees wananga across the two days how each aspect of the commercial opportunities and arrangements for infrastructure investment and PPPs can be done in a kaupapa Maori way.

Infrastructre investment and PPPs are an important new frontier for Aotearoa New Zealand, and the objectives for this w?nanga are to contribute to;

  • Iwi Maori securing and realising our competitive edge in infrastructure investment;
  • Iwi Maori securing and realising the benefits for our people from the intergenerational nature of infrastructure investment;
  • Iwi Maori securing and realising the immense potential of Iwi doing business together and building on our enduring aspirations for kotahitanga.

The wananga will seek to deliver a number of practical outcomes for each Iwi attendee including;

  • Identifying the key infrastructure development and investment opportunities in your rohe and the country as a whole;
  • Knowing the process for pulling together a public private partnership, including how to interact with the government and the private sector;
  • Identifying the different funding options for infrastructure investment;
  • Evaluating the value of infrastructure investment for your Iwi.

The technical content on these outcomes will be provided by subject matter specialists from PricewaterhouseCoopers.

The collective outcomes that we hope the wananga will produce are;

  • Identifying the opportunities for inter-Iwi commercial collaboration in infrastructure now and in the future;
  • Developing kaupapa Maori models for PPP consortia and commercial collaboration; and
  • Discussing how Iwi can work together now to ensure that when the infrastructure waka leaves town, that we are the kaihaut?.

We will also produce a record of proceedings from the wananga that will be available to all Iwi and hapu, covering both the technical content of infrastructure and PPPs, as well as the discussions on a kaupapa Maori approach to infrastructure investment and inter-Iwi collaboration.

Nga mahi a mua

DAY ONE: Monday 9 August, 2010

9.30 am Powhiri
10.30am Ko te kaupapa me nga whainga o te wananga nei.

Mark Solomon will speak to the context and objectives for the wananga, including an overview of the Maori Economic Development Taskforce work and the Iwi Chairs Forum commitment to inter-Iwi commercial collaboration.

10.45am Me maumahara nga mahi pai

This discussion will consider the experiences of Iwi and hapu in commercial collaboration over the past 20 years, with information provided on particular examples so that we can broaden our understanding of how kaupapa Maori commercial collaboration is and can occur, while also reaffirming the kaupapa of the wananga.

11.30am He mea tino angitu

This section will support discussion on real world infrastructure opportunities in Aotearoa New Zealand and include;

  • Identification of infrastructure opportunities around the country, including maps to enable Iwi to identify developments in their rohe; and
  • Discussion on the different types of infrastructure, and their respective fit for Iwi.

Richard Forgan, National Director of the National Infrastructure Unit of the Treasury will make a presentation toward the end of this session on the political and market context for infrastructure investment.

1.00pm Kai
1.45pm Kia whakaputa

This session will go through the whole life cycle of a PPP project, from pre-RFP events, through the RFP process and the completion and operation of an asset, to support discussion on how Iwi can work in a kaupapa Maori way within the market to collaborate with each other, the Crown and the private sector. Fiona Mules from the National Infrastructure Unit will also speak to the Crown processes and wider PPP market.

3.15pm Kapu ti
3.30pm Kei hea te putea

This session will focus on funding infrastructure investments and explore the related issues and risks, with discussion on real-life examples.

4.15pm He tino tauira

This session will focus on how structures and entities are used in PPPs globally, with particular discussion on real world cases studies that worked and didnt.

6.00pm HAKARI

Taupatupatu In Public Private Partnerships its the Ture vs the Tikanga that matters

Day 2: Tuesday 10 August, 2010

9.00am Ko te kaupapa tonu

The second day of the event will explore in depth how infrastructure investment can be done in a kaupapa Maori way. The morning wananga will explore the following issues, supported by technical information and contributions from PricewaterhouseCoopers;

  • What roles could and would Iwi hold in PPPs;
  • What governance structures could apply to Iwi co-investing together and with the Crown or private sector
10.30am Kapu ti
10.45am Ko te kaupapa tonu

Building on the discussions in the morning session and the technical information discussed on the first day, this session will particularly consider;

  • How could co-investment contribute to raising finance;
  • What relationships do Iwi need to form amongst ourselves, with the private sector and the Crown to maximise co-investment opportunities;

Toward the end of the session, Brian Roche will speak on the topic of getting the most out of government relations

12.00pm Kai
12.45pm Next Steps

The concluding session for the w?nanga is a broad ranging discussion amongst Iwi representatives to identify the next steps that Iwi individually and collectively should take to maximise the immediate and future opportunities from commercial collaboration and infrastructure investment.

2.00pm Poroporoaki


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