May 7, 2021

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Incredible Maori Talent in the USA – an inspiration to all!

3 min read wanted to showcase some incredible Maori talent, we came across Amelia Lynch who is currently in Brisbane but who resides in Los Angeles, Amelia is clearly an inspiring role model and represents the beauty that emerges when you merge culture, art, style and education.

Amelia’s goal is to dance for an international artist and inspire Maori and New Zealand rangatahi (youth) to follow their dreams.

Follow your dreams, there is nothing more rewarding then living your dream life and doing what you love to do everyday!!” Amelia told us.

Amelia Lynch is a professional dancer from New Zealand. She is a choreographer for the current top-ranking hiphop crew in New Zealand, Triple8funk Dance Company, an Auckland-based dance group who took 5th place in the World Hip-Hop Competition in LA last year. Having been in the crew for 8 years she enjoys dancing for the University based Company because of the emphasis placed on education as well as dance.

Amelia has been a member of various professional dance groups in New Zealand including the Skycity Cheer team (Auckland Blues and NPC rugby), the New Zealand Breaker girls (NZ Breakers basketball), Mika Haka (contemporary Maori performing Arts) and Urban Beat Hiphop Dance Company. She has also danced for several New Zealand artists including Dei Hamo, Chung Nee, Jermaine Leef and Fou Nature both live and on TV (Music video clips, Top of the Pops, Maori TV)

In 2006 Amelia spent a year in America where she trained at world-renowned studios Debbie Reynolds, Millennium, Edge (LA) and Broadway Dance Centre (NYC). She was also part of a dance group called CAJAH in Seattle, WA which specialised in Caribbean, African, Jazz and Hiphop.

As well as hiphop, Amelia is a dedicated bgirl (break dancer girl). She has been in various competitions including She got game Melbourne (top 8 crews 07 & 08) , Bonnie and Clydes 07, LA and Freestyle Session 10th Anniversary LA (Loko Motion crew, NZ) 2007. She also danced and battled on The Drop, a music chart show screened nationally in America on SiTV, when she was in LA mid 07.

After graduating with a Bachelor of Law and Bachelor of Arts degrees from the University of Auckland and being admitted to the bar Amelia moved to Brisbane in September 2007 to purse her love of dance. There she danced for Trick Nasty Crew, I heard a Rumour and Breakdance Crew Freestyle Phugitives. She also danced for the Brisbane Bullets and performed at events such as the Brisbane Square shows and Hype Dance Competition. Amelia danced for R&B singer Xy Latu and toured with him around Australia. In addition to performing Amelia worked as a full time dance teacher teaching for well-know dance studios such as Mad Dance House, Fresh Elements and Industrie 1.

Amelia has been teaching all-ages for 9 years, her favourite styles to teach being dancehall, hiphop breaking, house and street jazz. Amelia has also done other dance styles including ballet, jazz, contemporary, salsa, freestyle, house, popping, locking, krump and Polynesian dance.

Amelia is back in America and currently resides in LA where she is pursing her passion and dream to work and dance in the LA dance industry.

Wow, check out her mean styles… damn!

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