Please help locate Troy Liddington, lost in the Waipoua Forest

229 received this urgent plea from whanau up North, please pass on if you can:

This is an urgent plea for help, and please send this to all your contacts up North that may be able to help please!!!! This is a picture of him up top.

15 days ago a 37 year old man named Troy Liddington went missing in the Waipoua Forestry up North Auckland. The police went to look for him for a few days and then they stopped as they said they couldn’t find a lead.He is proficient in the bush but we all fear something is wrong as he hasn’t contacted his mother and this is not like him. He spent his 37th birthday lost up there in Waipoua Forestry PLEASE HELP THIS YOUNG MAN AND HIS FAMILY. He has young children and is needed by them.

Troy is 37. His mother is Huti Liddington (Hapuku Te Nahu) His grandparents Sonny Hapuku and Waireti Hokianga from Kahuranaki in Hastings, Heretaunga. His father is Graham Liddington from Mangakino.

PLEASE listen please help us. His mother and brothers have been up to try and find him but with no money they could not stay so returned to the Bay, but as time went by,they did not hear anything the youngerbrotherhasgone back.

Cane is Troys younger brother and he is by himself and it is so dangerous to try and achieve the goal and find his brother Troy but there is not other way as the police have stopped looking. Please people of NZ who live up North Auckland and you know that bush please, please go and help Cane. His contact is 0278439888if he is searching through the day in the bush he will not be able to contact you so try 027043663 which is his Mums phone and she can give Cane a message once he leaves the bush at night. Or you can contact him at night Please help us please!!!!!! This is his Mums plea to New Zealand help bring her boy back.

Please help our whanau if you can go helphis brother, Cane to find Troy in the Waipoua bush please text 0278439888 Ask for Cane or 027043663 Huti. If you can go and help our nephew who is going to find him by himself the ancestors will go with you. PLEASE HELP US!!!!!!! Please help them to go as a group and search for him.

Would it make a difference to the police if Troy Liddington was a Member of Parliaments son or a famous movie director from America wanting to film the hobbits in NZ. This is one of ourown, he is New Zealand.

Tomorrow will be day 16, it is freezing up in that bush at night and no body knows what condition he is in. Please once again help this family think if it was your child.

If you cant go and help look forTroyplease send his mother some money so she can give it to people who she is trying to gather together to go and look for him. To buy food and find a place tostay while they are up in Waipoua Forest, North Auckland, when they are not in thebush searching. Anything will help this family her account is at

ANZ. Name: Huhuti Liddington Ac No: 011120004942855 anything will be welcome towards finding her boy.

Please send this out to others so that more people may hear and be able to go and look for Troy and bring him home.

PLEASE HELP US FIND TROY!!!!!!!!! It was on the news for a couple of days and then nothing!!!!!!

I am Myrtle Ratapu and Troy is my nephew, my phone number is 063773750. PLEASE HELP



  1. i am troys daughters sister (yes we have diffrent dads but same mum) but i hope he is algud last tym i saw him was wen he came over to my mums sisters just said i hope ur alryt dad and well find ya soon!!

  2. i am troys daughters sister (yes we have diffrent dads but same mum) but i hope he is algud last tym i saw him was wen he came over to my mums sisters just said i hope ur alryt dad and well find ya soon!!

  3. I would just like to point out that the phone number for Huti is missing a 2 in it, it is 027 2043663. I hope experienced bushmen and hunters get out there and help search for him.

  4. Our love and thoughts are with you Huti and Family. Hope he comes home real soon.

    Karen and Trish


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