May 7, 2021

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Opinion: Who are these Maori boys | Te Prophet

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(by Te Prophet) If you havent watched the video ‘Maori Boy’ by JGeek and the Geeks maybe you should. I won’t discuss the quality, its axiomatic or obvious.
What it does indicate is a shift in musical and cultural paradigms and confidence amongst the younger generation of Maori.

It is a welcomed beginning and an example of perhaps a change in contemporary cultural performances. I listened to the kaikorero of the band on TVNZ Marae, JGeek and marveled at the simplicity of his experiences molded into a clear vision.

Five days previous, on the TVNZ Breakfast show Auckland presenter Alison Pugh made the suggestion that ‘Maori Boy’ maybe contentious.

Her quick assessment without diligence highlighted her ignorance otherwise she would have praised the artistic license shown by this young music group. Lets not forget that the download count is just less than 200,000 and the highest of any music video from New Zealand.

An achievement in itself and surely a beacon which a music label may pursue. However in saying that Maori music and Maori musicians have traditionally led the industry. JGeek is just a recipient of these previous trial blazers and a new example with which other emerging artists may follow.

JGeek provides a fresh face that is neither controversial nor intimidating, a unique twist reminiscent of early kiwi popular culture that is Maori rather then African-American or roots reggae. Capitalising on the social vernacular of technology, JGeek has taken a unique position in the mainstream consciousness which will surely influence and inspire Maori.

Whether the rest of the world recognises this talent remains a mystery and this is a high probability. But for now, Maori need more inspirational figures especially our youth and JGeek and the Geeks deserve all credit for this.

Ki nga tama, kia kaha koutou ki te hangai ki nga tikanga o kuia ma o koro ma hei tikitiki mo te mahunga.

Te Prophet

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