Applications sought for Healthy Eating and Breastfeeding Projects in Rotorua


Applications are being soughtfor Healthy Eating Healthy Action (HEHA) Community Action Project Funding for hapu, iwi and Maori communitiesas well as Breastfeedingprojects in Rotorua.

The two categories of funding available for Community Action Projects in 2011 are:

  1. Healthy Eating, Physical Activity and Weight Management
  2. Breastfeeding (NEW category)

What is the purpose of the Healthy Eating, Physical Activity and Weight Management category?

  • To fund Maori communities to carry out projects, activities and initiatives to improve healthy eating, increase physical activity and achieve a healthy weight.
  • To consult with whanau, hapu and Maori communities to identify ways to improve nutrition and physical activity and to reduce obesity amongst Maori.
  • To promote and encourage approaches which support healthy lifestyles for Maori.
  • To reduce the risk of diabetes, cardiovascular disease and other chronic conditions.

What is the purpose of the Breastfeeding category?

  • To fund Maori communities to carry out projects, activities and initiatives to improve initiation and duration of breastfeeding.
  • To consult with whanau, hapu and Maori communities to identify ways to improve breastfeeding rates amongst Maori.
  • To support and encourage breastfeeding as a normal/natural way of feeding our pepi.
  • To increase awareness of the benefits of breastfeeding for pepi, mama/whanau and hapu.
  • To increase long term health benefits breastfeeding provides to pepi, mama/whanau and hapu.

Key Population Health Messages

  • Eat a variety of nutrition foods.
  • Eat less fatty, salty and sugary foods.
  • Eat more vegetables and fruits.
  • Fully breastfeed infants for at least six months.
  • Be active every day for at least 30 minutes in as many ways as possible.
  • Add some vigorous exercise for extra benefit and fitness.
  • Aim to maintain a healthy body weight throughout life.
  • Promote and foster the development of environments that support healthy lifestyles.
  • 3
  • Who can apply?
  • Marae Trustees.
  • Charitable Trusts.
  • Community Organisations who align with whanau, hapu, iwi and Maori communities.

What do Community Action Projects aim to do?

Community action projects aim to focus on ways to improve healthy eating and breastfeeding, increase physical activity, and achieve a healthy weight for Maori through culturally appropriate activities. Community action projects are developed with a view to contributing to the achievement of whanau ora.

Please note:

  • Those intending to apply need to attend an application workshop (see pg 4 for details).
  • Applications from Te Kohanga Reo, Kura Kaupapa Maori, schools / ECE will need to be planned and be part of a wider Maori community, hapu or iwi application.
  • Community action project funding can be used for new and existing projects.
  • Applicants are required to disclose all other funding sources contributing to the project.

Click here for the full application form


  1. Linton Park Community Centre has recently opened and is in the process of getting the community involved in programmes and services offered. Some of the programmes are:
    1. Rongoa Maori – phiosophy, planting, harvesting, preparing medicines
    2. Community gardens – allotment plots
    3. Cooking classes- the centre has a kitchen and will be offering cooking classes in the near future.

    I understand that HEHA has support funding for some of these operations. I tried to locate the application form on the internet but thecomputer advised me that that site was no longer available. Could you please email me an application form.

    Rick Mansell
    Linton Park Community Association


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