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Rent a Bro Limited is a Labor Hire business established in 2005. This community initiative is a drive towards giving disadvantaged people an equal opportunity to work in a safe environment.

Services Available
Site Security
Construction site clearance
Landscape maintenance
Demolition work

CONTACT Rent a Bro for your free quotation, no job to small

Administration - mobile - 0210337204
Facsimile - 09 4769047
Auckland -Mark 0210642768
Central North Island - Edge 0273661545

RENT A BRO LIMITED is committed to offering a service with a difference to the business community.We willmarket a Labour pool service to a range of businesses in the market place offering a diverse range of services.

RENTA BRO LIMITEDcanprovide a service to tradespeople andbusinesseswho requireLabour for short-term contracts when there is aneed to fulfill their contracts to certain deadlines, but cannot employ regular staff. Labour, for shortter hire is what is offered.

RENT A BRO LIMITEDwill provide security forconstruction sites, events, and carparking, we are committed to offering a diverse range of services to all industries and trades who require Labour skills.

For more information, check out their website:

* Also, here’s an article from 2005:


  1. Hi, I was wanting to get in touch with Chain? I was working with him and some other Mob boys up at Waipu Beach on the big beach house up there a few years ago now, but I needed some debt collection done. Can you help?


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