Petition to oppose Marine and Coastal Bill underway


As preparations begin for Hikoi 2011 other avenues are being used to deal to dissatisfaction in the proposed Marine and Coastal Area (Takutai Moana) Bill.

The petition details the three key areas of concern, and calls on the Maori Party to oppose the bill. The key sticking points are the fact that the current legislation confiscates further Maori foreshore and seabed, sets a test for customary title which PM John Key has even admitted will be near impossible to meet and provides that Maori allow free access to the foreshore and seabed when no one else (i.e. private property owners) is required to provide this type of access.

There are currently 28 signatures with a goal of 10,000. So whanau, if you are in support of this click on the link below and see if you support it.



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