TangataWhenua.com has just heard that Rotorua’s Wetini Mitai Ngatai, along with business partner Larry Swann are about to debut their world class Snooze Cube’s at Dubai Airport in April!

The cubes are designed to meet all types of traveler needs. Business travelers are catered for with internet access inside the cubes, along with flight information and a touch screen. An entertainment system is provided with a flat screen television and importantly the cubes are sound-proofed with an alarm setting to wake you after a perfect sleep, a haven for those travelling with small children or those who want some privacy in a secure and affordable environment.”

This exciting innovation for tired travellers was first announced at the Passenger Terminal Expo 2009 in London.

Users pay on entry for the amount of time they want, at the end of which an alarm is sounded. And to prevent the occupant from continuing to snooze and possibly miss their flight, the alarm will continue to sound until the Snooze Cube has been vacated.

The cubes are developed and manufactured in Aotearoa.

Wetini Mitai-Ngatai recently won the 2011 Male Leader of the Year award at the recent Te Matatini festival for his ropu, Te Matarae i o Rehu. Reporter Justine Southwick writes,

“Wetini is esteemed in Maori oral tradition after spending most of his life being taught by his elders. He has travelled the world sharing his knowledge and was co-producer of Ihi Frenzy. Wetini founded Rotorua’s Mitai Maori Village and is passionate about delivering a genuine, quality cultural experience to visitors from around the globe.”

This video helps detail what the cubes will be like inside:

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  • ihaka


  • Venus Matua

    You are truly blessed Wetini with many talented gifts. You are an inspiration for the now & future.

  • willie ngatai

    tu meke bro we as maori kan do anything if we put our mind tu it mean maori mean

  • Moana Kake

    Kia ora ehoa, congratulations to you Wetini. I just love it when our people are out there showing the world, that maori can do it.

  • Patangata

    Wow! Ka mau te wehi! Is there an end to this man's talents???

  • Karawe!!! Go Mana Maori Warrior, got the skills and the brains too!! Yeeha!!! Dats Da Bugga!!!

  • Boris

    Big ups 2 Wetini the man is a genius 🙂 nga mihi Boris the Bulgarian Maori