Ngati Makino celebrates resistance and settlement (Waatea News)


Bay of Plenty iwi Ngati Makino signed its $11.9 million settlement with the Crown at the weekend.

The iwi, whose rohe stretches from Maketu to Matata and inland to lakes Rotoiti and Rotoma, split from umbrella group Te Pumautanga o Te Arawa to seek a separate resolution to its historical claims.

Negotiator Annette Sykes says the process brought the iwi together and there was a sense of unity as a separate group within Te Arawa, one not prepared to compromise like Te Pumautanga, and one proud to stand up as descendants of those called rebels for the fight their tipuna made.

She was gratified to see the large number of young people who turned out to the signing at Otamarakau marae near Maketu.


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