A Papa's Prerogative | Rawiri Paratene defends daughter

A Papa’s Prerogative | Rawiri Paratene defends daughter

I have stood in the wings as this ‘small drama’ has been playing out and have chosen not to join in because one of the two players is my daughter. The other is a man who has taken offence at some words that my daughter threw at him in a moment of passion. That passion was fired by a stance she took alongside many others who took a political stand together in a ‘hikoi’, a peaceful and dignified action of protest that has been practiced for generations by New Zealanders when they feel a sense of injustice. Player #2 objected to that hikoi and claimed it ‘brought shame to Maori’

Both players are claiming the basic ‘human right’ to speak their mind. Indeed Player #1 is an advisor to the Human Rights Commission. Player #2 has seized on this and used it to keep this ‘small drama’ in the public eye. New Zealanders have seen Players like this before who love to be in the limelight and who will say inflammatory things just to achieve this. This letter may well help his cause, but that is not why I write.

I write because as I stated at the beginning, Player #1 is my daughter. So that makes it personal. I have stood in the wings of the public stage that Player #2 has chosen to act out this ‘small drama’, because my daughter is well capable of standing up for herself.

Player #2 claims that the words bandied by my daughter have hurt him and he complained to her employers, knowing that this would assist his super objective on this matter: ‘to enjoy the meagre limelight that comes of it’. Player #2 received an apology from her and her employers took the appropriate action. He responded by attacking her and her employers again. Consequently my daughter withdrew that apology. She tried to do that outside of the media, but again Player #2 seized on the opportunity to strut his stuff in this public arena. I expect that Player #2 will seize on this too, especially since I am someone who does have a public profile. Indeed that is another reason that I have waited in the wings. I cannot wait any longer.

Enter Player #3. I am now on the stage and I address you directly Player #1. You sir have bandied hurtful words too: hurtful to my daughter, her fellow protesters, her employers, her work colleagues, her mother, her siblings, her husband, her children, her family elders, her wider family and me. I do not expect an apology from you because your behaviour thus far, tells me that you simply are not the apologising kind. In turn, you will not get another response from me, because no doubt you will cry hurt and take this opportunity to draw out this ‘small drama’.

Let me conclude by quoting one of the greatest dramatists of all time, someone who has managed to remain in the public eye for longer than you can ever hope to – William Shakespeare. This quote sums up my feelings on this matter and your claims and insults toward my daughter: “Thou art a most notable coward, an infinite and endless liar, an hourly promise breaker, the owner of not one good quality!” This comes from the play aptly entitled ‘All’s well That Ends Well’. I know it has for my daughter. As for you…

Exit Player #3 with his daughter, leaving Player #2 to strut and crow as much as he desires…

Rawiri Paratene – Father

  • support Tainui Te Arawa

    Good on Tainui Te Arawa-focusing on success in the future not events of the past is best for the country

    • Marama Davidson

      ??? not sure what you are talking about.

  • http://Facebook Hokimate Kingi-Painting alias “Kia Pono”

    Ae! e tika ana te patai “Ko wai a David Rankin?”
    He proclaims himself to be a direct descendant of Hone Heke Pokai
    Perhaps he needs a lesson in tatae as well as Tika & Pono.
    Public Records note that Hone Heke’s children died as young as 12 years
    How then can someone claim to be a direct descendant?
    Ka nui rawa enei mahi teka kia tatou ano nga mahe he ki te Rangatira!

  • maggieb2409

    Umm, who is David Rankin???

  • Tuhoe Father

    a FATHER'S SHELTER to his daughter thru' his poignant words of aroha and dignified courage. Kai te tautoko maarika i teenei Paapaa Manawa Pumau.

    “Thou art a most notable coward, an infinite and endless liar, an hourly promise breaker, the owner of not one good quality!” (Haaaa…AWESOME !!!)

  • Te small Hikoi

    Patuone to Heke

    Kei te whaiti a Ripia!

  • http://www.ray-diance.webs.com Ray Isaacs

    Tena koe e Pa. Thank you for your wisdom and humility. Player #2 his loss and hopefully lesson learned, players #1&2 their mana, dignity and respect reconciled.

  • Wakapaddler

    What a gracious man you are Rawiri and very eloquently put. As a father of 5 daughters I doubt if I could have been so eloquent, I would have preferred the face to face hongi option quickly followed by the "what did you say to my daughter?" and then start to boil some hot water.

    Perhaps passion like yours , just a bit skewed

    • Tainui Te Arawa

      Kia ora. So its OK to insult someone for a different viewpoint, call them one of the nastiest names in Te Reo in a public forum, and then not apologise?

      Or apologise and then another abusive email!! Is that the way forward? A free pass for insulting other Maori, as long as they hold a different viewpoint?

      I like Rankin's go forward capability. I would like to see Maori socially and economically empowered.

      This is Shakespeare slanted slightly. Since when have insults been so readily accepted without utu? A formal complaint is a very mild form of utu!!

      Anyhow, thats a different viewpoint. Kia kaha.

      • HoneW

        E rua nga huarahi ki te ututanga "TainuiTe Arawa"

        I would happily join he roputaua to extract "utu" from Player #2, for his many attention grabbing insults on Facebook.

        You seem to be missing the point. Player #1's only fault was using Facebook at work, not the use of "upokokohua" itself..

      • Boyd

        Tainui Te Arawa
        My dad's email did not say it was ok to insult him using our beautiful reo.
        He simply acknowledges that David fabricated a more dramatic situation through the media for purposes not wholy to do with the insult he received – and trust me he has given much worse.
        One of his insults was to your iwi Te Arawa, laying the body of a dead infant (baby Curtis) at your entire peoples feet with blame and shame.
        Is that the type of 'different opinion' you as Te Arawa would accept?
        My father simply worded his and our whanau support for my sister, our distaste for the attention seeking antics of David and finally our departure from his attention seeking self-fashioned drama.

        If David represents how you wish to move forward as Maori then that is your choice.
        It is not ours.

        Be good e hoa

      • Whatever

        Is that really your name Tainui Te Arawa or am I addressing Michael Laws. Good joke, but April fools was a while back. Random comment, are you at all wondering where all the support for Player 1 and 3 has come from? And why Rankin has served himself up so much disdain from our community. Ka pai you, reveal yourself – Michael?

    • http://www.merleneshedlock.blogger.com merleneshedlock

      lol @wakapaddler, perhaps passion very much the same, when in the public domain we have to articulate our argument and find a solution. But out of the spotlight, "let me get that boiling water started".

  • Tai Paitai

    Love your work!!!

  • Father Doherty

    Brings to mind another Shakespearean quote "For I would as lief not be as live to be in awe of such a thing as I myself."

  • Defender

    Ka mutu te wa a te tangata penei na i te hianga #2. Toitu te whenua, toitu te tangata, toitu te mana motuhake!

  • whakaarorua

    …said only like a wise and loving dad could tell it…

  • http://www.maori-in-oz.com Christel

    Player #1 so not alone on this journey, when so many fully tautoko and walk beside her in the quest for justice, fairness, equality and the giving of aroha throughout our communities, stand tall and proud as you are and do not compromise for those who cannot see the compassionate person you are. To your Papa, how proud it is to see a parent stand beside his daughter regardless of position, beautiful aroha at its purest. Arohanui to you all xoxox

  • Tepuranga

    Tena Koe Matua Rawiri,

    Like the rest of these awesome proud Maori who have written in support of your daughter I too am of the same opinion and I would like to thank you for sharing the awesome letter you have written. You are one of the few exceptional Maori dads in this world today.

    Kia tau te rangimarie

  • Juju

    Chur Chur – touche e hoa. Well Done – Not one for the arts BUT that Shakespeare fullah rocks lol

  • Alvina

    I acknowledge and understand your wise and beautiful words, so honest and true; A supportive dad- I was also privileged to have been part of the Hikoi; I communicate my full support to your amazing daughter –

  • Jonathon Moke

    Totoko Rawiri
    Need I say anymore

    Nga mihi ki a korua

  • Ede

    Kia ora,
    Observing from afar (Poihakena). Remembering my childhood (70's) and the hikoi that passed my home in Ngaruawahia. Frustrated by the arrogance of #2 (appropriately placed I must say). Connecting with #1 in her beliefs and support for what SHE feels is right. And ever so humble to read such beautiful support from a Father, Friend, WORTHY PUBLIC FIGURE and proud of my Maori heritage.

    Why is it that there is always someone who thinks ONLY OF THEMSELVES? Not of OTHERS who are SUPPORTING OTHERS.

    Kia ora koutou katoa.

  • Vonny Jackson

    I feel privileged to have met 'Player 1' – I was part of the hikoi, walking in Queen Street at the time when this 'flaxen-haired' heroine took hold of the megaphone from someone else's hand and prepared to speak. From her mouth flowed words of hope, truth, encouragement and wisdom borne no doubt, from years of knowledge acquired and teachings received. Her words that day let me know that where there is united vision and action, there can be breakthrough – on that day I believed that we could make a difference and regardless of the number of us who showed up at Parliament that day, I knew that we did!

    Player 3 – I only knew you as the man on 'Playschool' as a child – you and manu were my favourites :) But from the beauty of the words, and the integrity with which you have displayed them here, I can see that it is no wonder your daughter is as wonderful a woman as I believe her to be. Thank you for sharing today – it has certainly been the highlight of it.

    Ng? mihi arohanui ki a k?rua

    N?, Vonny

  • Marnie

    Player #1 is a wonderful woman who I have got to know through my breast feeding networks. Her commitment and support to breast feeding mothers throughout the motu is amazing. I am one of those privileged women who has benefit from her advice and support. Go jump Player # 2!

  • Amber

    So very proud to be M?ori when I see your letter – Kia Ora Player#3

  • Sharon Toi

    Tena koe te rangatira

    It is indeed strange that one can feel immense pride in one whanaunga, your passionate, outspoken and downright staunch daughter and then immense shame in another. This one that claims the mantle of a great Ngapuhi leader and then this other, but a girl, who displays it. Reminds me of one of our great matua tupuna – Kohu Bryers. Nga mihi,


    • Marama Davidson

      Aue Sharon – he mihi – humbled e te whanaunga! (Marama)__

  • tui

    Unbelievable that Player #2 has chosen to not accept the undeserved apology. The response by Player #1 was the due & proper context to Player #2's unwise public blurt about the Marchers – ana tou kai!!

  • Leonie Pihama

    He mihi nui ki a koe Rawiri mo enei whakaaro rangatira.

  • Kui Wano

    Tena koe Rawiri, I felt for you and your daughter, Player 2 may choose to draw out this drama, but what's the point, the curtains are drawn and the lights have been turned off

  • Maakarita

    Ka tika! Tena koe e te papa e te rangatira e Rawiri, ka nui te aroha ki a koutou te whanau.
    Beautifully spoken words with true meaning and affection he aroha.

  • Max Thompson

    Tena koe te papa e Rawiri.
    Kia rawe au korero hei haumaru i to tamahine hei papa pera i ahau. Tautoko marika. Kia kaha tonu kaitakaro 1 kourua ko kaitakaro 3.
    Nga mihi.


    • Tainui Te Arawa

      Kia ora, no I am not Michael Laws. Just because someone disagrees with you does not make them racist!! To break it down, I am not actually on Facebook so have missed out on any insults there. However, insulting anybody on a public forum isn’t acceptable when you work for Human Rights ie ALL humans have equal rights.

      I think an apology was the right thing to do, rescinding it was incorrect. Also, the people that chose David Rankin as a leader did so because they wished to move forward and have their tribe make some money, a sensible enough plan. Sometimes it is worth planning for the future. I would like my children to have the ability to grow up to be doctors and lawyers, not laborers. A forward planning vision will enable this when combined with Treaty Settlements.

      One must not live in the past too much, I prefer Rankins methods to Margaret Mutus, as one is a practical plan with jobs and the other is a tale of the evils of the white man(and it will be a man!!).

      That’s just a preference for methods of economic development. Tai hi/Te Arawa are the tribes I an descended from. Kia ora..

      • Whatever

        Oh I get it – is this you David haha – it must be because there is no other support for the insulting person that David is, he who is a self-appointed leader and has personally done takahi on the mana of far too many people and groups and in a public forum. Personally downright insulting remarks made to others, simply because they intelligently raised a different opinion to him, so then he abuses them, doesn't even talk about any issues because that would take intelligence, just goes straight for insult. He hasn't apologised to anyone ever. Again – have you wondered at all why there is so much support for player 1 and 3? Cmon now, is this you David?

        • Tainui Te Arawa

          No I am not David Rankin. I can see why insults are made now though. Jesus. So much for being able to express an opinion, oh well, I guess I will train up my mokopuna to be professionals while the rest of you lot train your kids to go on the bludge!! On ya!!

          • Whatever

            What the – who are you calling a bludger! What assumptions are you making there – and do Tainui Te Arawa know that you are out bringing shame to their iwi?

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