May 7, 2021

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Free Literacy and Numeracy into Teaching Practice course

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Free Fees!

*Conditions apply

Certificate in Embedding Literacy and Numeracy into Teaching Practice (NCALE embedded)

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10 x (3 hour) night classes over 12 months

Evening Classes Start on July 21st 2011 at Waiariki Institute of Technology Mokoia Campus

These workshops are suitable for tutors who have access to a group of learners.

The workshops target New Zealand Aotearoa Literacy big picture, knowing your learner, knowing your course demands and knowing what to do.

Learn how to bridge that gap between the Learner`s literacy and numeracy skills and the demands of your course.

Starting Semester Two 2011
And continuing into Semester One 2012

Work with your own students to help you study.

Enrolment Queries can be made by contacting Colleen Ellis on 07 346 8920

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