Apr 21, 2021


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Indigenous education and ICTs panel @ WSIS Forum 2011

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UNESCO is hosting the following panel @ WSIS Forum 2011, we invite you to attend in person or virtually.

Theme: Indigenous education and ICTs

Sixth Action Line Facilitation Meeting on C8

Cultural diversity, identity, linguistic diversity and local content

Tuesday 17 May: 14.4516.15, Room II

Conference centre of the ILO Genve Switzerland

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This year, the C8 facilitation meeting will be dedicated to the theme of promoting indigenous education and intergenerational transmission of indigenous knowledge through the use of ICTs.

The discussion will consider challenges and lessons learned in developing indigenous curricula and delivering indigenous education using ICTs and in safeguarding indigenous knowledge systems through ICT supported transmission.

It will furthermore assess the impact of such initiatives on the well-being and identity of indigenous and local communities and the way these can lead to intercultural dialogue with education stakeholders outside the community. The audience will be invited to contribute their own initiatives and case studies.

It will also focus on planning further activity towards developing networking and on-going activity as described above. It will plan how to disseminate the outcome of the thematic discussion, the formation of a working group and how to feed actions into the WSIS 10-year review in 2015.



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