Apr 13, 2021


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Kelvyn Alp stands for Te Tai Tokerau by-election (Northern Advocate)

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A ‘white man’ whom police once claimed was trying to “overthrow the NZ Government” has thrown his hat into the ring for the Te Tai Tokerau by-election.

Kelvyn Alp, from the OurNZ Party (Ownership, Unity, Responsibility) is the latest to announce he will stand in the by-election on June 25, called after Mana Party Leader and incumbent MP Hone Harawira resigned from Parliament to seek a new mandate from the electorate.

Mr Alp, a former leader of the Direct Democracy Party and former New Zealand Armed Intervention Force member, had armed police raid his Auckland home in March 2004 after he bought a pistol holster from the Trade Me internet site.

At the time, police claimed Mr Alp was trying to “overthrow the New Zealand Government”.

He was never charged with any offences from the raid and said it was funny because at every election people were trying to overthrow the Government by standing against it, yet they were not investigated.

Mr Alp said the fact he was white and didn’t live in Te Tai Tokerau should not affect his chances of winning the seat, saying his skin colour meant nothing to anyone with half a brain and the ability to think.

“The system has no skin colour, yet because it was rammed down your throats by ‘white men’, you will naturally believe it’s the white man’s fault,” Mr Alp said.

“That is so far off the mark, those that hold that view have left the planet.

“The system is the enemy and we all suffer from that common enemy.”

Mr Alp said all the electorate’s MPs to date had been from the region, but that had not exactly helped, with Northern Maori still sitting at the bottom of the heap.

“You either want solutions or you want egos.

“I am not aligned to any particular hapu or iwi, so can serve all equally.

“I also know probably more about the system and how it really operates than those that will also contest.”

He said he looked forward to the support of all intelligent Maori who would “finally have the opportunity to see the talk walked and not the continuation of lip service as has been evident to date”.

An OurNZ policy is to replace all taxes with a 1 per cent tax on all financial transactions, which he said would bring in about $92.4 billion a year, far more than the $54 billion needed to run the country annually.

Mr Alp unsuccessfully stood for the Manukau mayoralty four years ago.

Also confirmed as standing in the Te Tai Tokerau by-election are Mr Harawira and Northland-based Labour List MP Kelvin Davis.

NOTE: Also contesting Te Tai Tokerau is Solomon Tipene for the Maori Party.

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