Tuhoe Whanui Feedback on the Blue Print


Tuhoe Establishment Trust (TET) is currently working toward creating the new generation T?hoe Authority. As you may be aware TET have pulled together Tuhoe views and formulated this feedback into a Blue Print for the New Tuhoe authority. During March and early April the Blue Print was presented to T?hoe Communities across Aotearoa.

TET are currently gathering Tuhoe opinion on the Blue Print, with proposals going to the TET AGM in July. Tuhoe have until the end of May 2011 to provide feedback. During this feedback period TET are very interested in considering the views of Tuhoe Whanui.

We are interested in all your views pertaining to the Blue Print and have formulated a questionnaire that we would appreciate you completing.

If you have any further queries of feedback, please do not hesitate to contact the Tuhoe Establishment Trust.


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