Apr 15, 2021


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Complex issues around te reo Maori in secondary education (Michael Taiapa)

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Some very brief news articles and quotes highlighting important and complex issues about compulsory Maori language in the secondary school system.

Focus on building te reo

Language is a continuum, it is not an all or nothing thing and people will start the journey at different points, he said.

Te reo to be compulsory for teachers

When you make those sort of things mandatory it raises peoples hackles and its far better to persuade them that its a good idea and to fund it, but to make it compulsory you will end up getting people there who resent being there because theyre made to do it.

Opposition towards compulsory te reo

Act has no problem with teachers voluntarily learning Te Reo if they wish. But treating it as a panacea that ought to be made compulsory at taxpayer expense is beyond mischievous, he said.

Many thanks to Michael Taiapa for this korero. To view the original please click here: http://themaorilanguage.wordpress.com/

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