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Continuation of Busabout Kaitaia (Far North public bus service)

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You are invited to attend a meeting to be held in Kaitaia to assess the future of Kaitaias public bus service Busabout Kaitaia

Servicing the Far North District main residential centres Doubtless Bay, Houhora and Ahipara.

The Kaitaia bus service is unlikely to continue after July 30th based on a decision by NRC and the NZ Land Transport Agency (NZTA). That in their view the service does not fit their criteria for public transport subsidies.

The primary reason given by the Transport Minister Steven Joyce for not supporting the Kaitaia service are:

  1. NZ Transport agency economic evaluation of the Kaitaia service was not favourable
  2. That the primary purpose of the transport subsidy was to relieve congestion


  1. The economic analysis process must have serious omissions as Northland is identified as the most needy region in NZ and in the Far North the average wage earners currently spend approx. 20 25% of wages to get to and from work
  2. A bus services primary purpose is to reduce congestion

This quite simply means that every rural community will pay tax for public transport but will never be eligible for a transport subsidy, (we dont have congestion in Kaitaia.)

The bus service is running well with a steady increase in passenger numbers. The service has experienced approx. 20% increase in fair revenue over the past 12 months and is one of NZs most affordable services. CBEC has designed a service that suits the area, is affordable and has not required huge capital outlay. But NRC and NZTA continue to try to compare our rural service with an urban model.

Kaitaia is the model of future much needed rural transport services for NZ.

CBEC has sought advice from three professionals with expertise in the public transport industry and public law. All three have come to the same conclusion: That NRC and NZTA have been negligent in not including Busabout Kaitaia in the Northland Regional Transport Plan and subsidy system.

There is likely to be some misunderstanding of the way this service could have been presented to NZTA, however if you wish to see this service continue we invite you to attend a meeting to identify solutions


- NRC Chair and local councillors - Iwi serviced by Busabout Kaitaia

- FNDC Mayor and local councillors - WINZ – Purchase advertising on the buses

- CBEC Bus Service operator - Kaitaia organisations effected by bus services

The meeting is to be held

Date: Wednesday 6th July 2011
Time: 10am
Venue: FNDC Kaitaia Council Chambers

Please respond by email or phone to Cliff Colquhoun by 29th June 2011

[email protected]

(09) 408 1092 (work)
(09) 409 4912 (a/hrs)
0274 808 174

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