Illegal Use of Parliamentary Services Funds (Whale Oil)


With my post this morning I have already outed parliamentary services staff participatingin and organising Labour party business, they will not be the only ones. National doesnt have a clean slate either, neither do the Greens or the Maoriparty.

This coming week this blog is going to expose a massive rort of taxpayer money.

New Zealand political parties have hidden behind a very shabby system that allows them to use Parliamentary Services funds to campaign, which is against the rules but a nod here and a wink there means they have gotten away with murder.

For those who dont know parliamentary services provide MPs with money for an electorate office, even if they are scum list MPs. This includes an allowance for staff, staff who are not permitted to work for the party or campaign while working for Parliamentary Services. The bad news for taxpayers is there has never been an audit because all parties doit.

This rort is going to be outed on this site. It has many angles:

  • Using Parliamentary Services staff to work on campaigns
  • Using Parliamentary Services staff to do partywork
  • Using Parliamentary Services funded electorate offices for partywork
  • Using Parliamentary Services funded electorate offices for campaign headquarters
  • Using Leaders Budgets for Campaigning, especially campaign websites
  • Using MPs travel allowances to get MPs to campaign in strategic seats or in by elections
  • Using Parliamentary Services money to pay the mortgage on buildings the party owns so they can build a property portfolio that they can leverage against
  • Using Parliamentary Services money to pay the mortgage on buildings MPs own, so they can use tax payer money to fund an investment property

Politicians and political parties hide behind not being covered by the Official Information Act so think they wont get caught out.

They use shabby tactics like cronyism and doing deals with lobbyists to raise funds or have their expenses covered.

They will be caught out. Rorters will be exposed.Official complaints will be made, and will be continued to be made until there is a full independent audit of Parliamentary Services and how MPs spend itsmoney.

Hmmmm. Chur to Whale Oil and ae, we will be clicking back to learn more…


  1. They only posted it because it slacks off Maori Party. This website reeks of anti-Maori Party messages…. totally ruined their potential bye bye


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