Apr 11, 2021


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Introducing: The Murihiku Maori and Pasifika Trust

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The Murihiku Maori and Pasifika Trust was established in 2010.

The Murihiku Maori and Pasifika Trust was established in 2010.

Our aim is to encourage the celebration and appreciation of Maori and Pasifika culture for all.

The Trust was established in response to the success of the 2009 Polyfest which was a one day Cultural festival held at Stadium Southland in Invercargill. In 2010 the Polyfest expanded to a festival with 4 events. A Literary festival, Art exhibition, Cultural festival and Food and Craft market.

The Trust believes the potential for the work it undertakes in the area of fostering the celebration of and participation in Maori and Pasifka culture for everyone together with fostering positive opportunities to be an area of continued development and beneficial growth for Murihiku.

This has already occurred with the Tautai Comtemporary Arts Trust Fresh Horizons workshops held for young people of Pasifika descent.

The Trust sees its future as liasing with those organisations already working in the areas of education, arts, culture, sport and recreation. The Trust will facilitate opportunities to include more input from the Maori and Pasifika communities.

The Trust will also be used as a platform to develop new initiatives to enhance the futures of Maori and Pasifika communities within Murihiku and subsequently the region as a whole.

Meet our trustees

Parker Ormond- Chairperson

Leona Notoa- Treasurer

Pauline Smith- Secretary

Mike Mika

Cyril Gilroy

Dorren Whakamoe

Lisa Tou- Mc Naughton

Sean Woodward

Pauline Smith and Lisa Tou- Mc Naughton co-co ordinate the Trust activities in conjunction with the trustees and working committee.

For more information, events, news and activities, please click here: http://murihikupolyfest.co.nz/

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  1. Can you please tell me if the Community Health worker is still looking for office space in Taupo? There was an expression of interest a few years ago.


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