Apr 18, 2021


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It’s official Harawira wins, Mainstream Media gets it so wrong

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It’s official with 100% of the voting booths counted Hone Harawira has regained his seat, ensured that the Mana Movement is a force to be reckoned with. Despite claims from iPredict that there would be 1% between them, over 11,606 people voted with 48% of them voting for Hone and the Mana Party, Labour Party MP Kelvin Davis got 41% with Tipene Solomon of the Maori Party gaining just 9% overall.

What was interesting is that given the resources that the Labour Party had at its disposal, they were still not able to overcome the fact that Hone Harawira understands the issues on the ground, and that is what it is about.

His ability to lead was never in question, what many wanted to see was how well the Maori Party would fair and the fact that they were unable to get into even double digits is a clear sign of the disconnect that former supporters must have felt.

There are 5 months till the next election, what will be interesting to see is how this new Movement turn this first win into something much greater, with the inclusion of Party votes in the General Election, what will this mean for the number of seats that might be won.

Watch this space.

5 thoughts on “It’s official Harawira wins, Mainstream Media gets it so wrong

  1. I tnink we are the only ones that signed a Declaration of Independence, Te Tiriti o Waitangi (The treaty -lie)and then went to war –

    Go Hone and the Mana Party -Annette do you no about the Contra Preferendum -2 treaties in conflict international Rule recognisess the treaty signed in the indigenous tongue –

    Why is the accused sitting over the case dictating the terms. ITS ALL WRONG and Annette that is the way to unravell the lies ans deciept enslaving Maori I rekon.

  2. Ahem Ngapuhi nui Tonu Sovereign Tinorangatiratanga Fighting Hapu Iwi O Te Rohe! Never ceded our soveriegnity to the Crown or to other Hapu Iwi! NGAPUHI THE MOST FORMIDABLE WAR CHIEFS WARRIORS ADVENTURES EXPLORERS NAVIGATORS IN HISTORY! We still retain our Mana and it is that Mana of the iwi that came to the fore in bringing back Ngapuhi into the Whaare Paremata! Te Maori Pati need to smell the kaimoana even have a good kai of the variety! Then rethink the tragic mistake of them colluding with the partnership of National against Te Tangata o te Motu with the FORSHORE LEGISLATION! That affectively was kupapa & taurekareka of the breaches of the Tiriti in2011! Hone & MANA needs to be very aware of the Taiaha hit from the Ceos Of TE MAORI PATI! The tautoko of the peoples korowai around him will be an invaluable kanohi into the future progress of the kotahitanga of both parties! To beneifit Maori! & other Tauiwi! The great thing is one can fall but it remains to be seen of when he rises what he can achieve positively that empowers the people and their rights in all spheres! Thats a Chief I endorse!

  3. Understanding the issues at ground-level, but moreso understanding what the people are saying and finding the solution to help them. Hone Harawira has these attributes. Labour had nothing but anecdotal rhetoric to offer. General elections willbe interesting. I know Mana Party will build on the momentum gained from tonights historic win.

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