Apr 11, 2021


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Manawa Mai Tawhiti Maori Cultural Group | Perth | Western Australia

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ESTABLISHED in Perth, WA in July 2009, and incorporated in October 2010 as a not-for-profit organisation,Manawa Mai Tawhiti is a traditional Maori Performing Arts club.

The retention of traditional Maori language and customs is heavily influenced by music, dance and lyrics. This provides a focal and essential community service to New Zealanders who call Perth and the wider Western Australian community, home.

OUR name Manawa Mai Tawhiti means Yearning from afar.

This name derives from a collective yearning for all things that are home (NZ), and that although we live and work in Perth and wider Western Australian community, it is vitally important to retain and maintain cultural essence away from NZ, whilst respecting other cultures and peoples.

WE acknowledge the traditional custodians on the lands where we are based, the Nyungar Aboriginal People Elders, both past and present, and pay our respects to them as fellow First Nations people.

Please click here to learn more: http://www.linkedin.com/news?viewArticle=&articleID=548150460&gid=1864257&type=member&item=55922666&articleURL=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.manmaitaw.weebly.com&urlhash=qMjq&goback=.gde_1864257_member_55922666

11 thoughts on “Manawa Mai Tawhiti Maori Cultural Group | Perth | Western Australia

  1. Hey was just wondering if you can tell me the where abouts of the kohanga reo is in kwiana area or any others near me , for my two baby’s , i live in munster area

  2. Kia ora! Im from whangaparaoa on the hibiscus coast but I live here in rockingham I was just wanting to know where the kohanga reo is? I have 2 children that I would LOVE to enrol there!!!!

  3. Hi just after some NZ haka dancers for a wedding on the first of March . Do you know of any in the rockingham area ?

  4. Hi there,
    Same question as Jim Crosby basically. Do you know of or have any information in regards to locations or facilities where the maori language can be learnt south of the river in Perth?

  5. kia ora
    My name is Janeen. I am a teacher working in a early learning centre, here in Canning Vale. We are having a cultural day for Maori here on the 1st October.
    Just an equiry if you know of or are able to perform an item (please advise of cost).
    Kind regards
    naku noa

  6. Kia Ora Pare

    We are currently on the buildup to the Australian National Qualifier (Aussy Regionals) held in Sydney next year March
    We have fortnightly Wananga. There have been whispers of Kohanga in Madurah but other than that whisper we do not have a kohanga attached to the Roopu or any existing Te Reo Classes. With all that said
    Nau mai haere mai, our doors are always open and me mau mai/bring the kids we allow our tamariki at our wananga as well

    Hope to see you there
    Ma te wa

  7. Hello,
    I was enquiring if there is a Maori language school in Perth? I live down in the Rockingham area.


  8. kiaora
    i am 16 and still go to school and i use to do kapa haka back home 2 years ago and i am just wondering ar you looking for new members if so me and some friends and family will be keen to come to a practice some time take care
    nga mihi nui,
    haylan bristow

  9. Kiaora,
    How often do you practice, also I was wondering if my partner and I could come to a practice sometime.
    I have one other question, do you know of any kohanga reo or a child care facility that ioncorperates te reo?
    Nga mihi nui,

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