Maori Need to Keep MMP – Dr Maria Bargh


Since its introduction in 1996 MMP has meant “More Maori in Parliament”. It is the best system, of those on offer, for Maori representation in the New Zealand parliament, says Maori politics lecturer Dr Maria Bargh.

Yesterday the Anti-MMP campaign was launched under the misleading banner of “voting for change”. In reality the campaign seeks to promote electoral options that will be less democratic and not as fair for Maori.

“The alternatives being proposed will reduce the ability of Maori to get into parliament and reduce the influence that Maori issues can have,” says Dr Bargh.

If the majority of voters vote for MMP in November there will still be an independent review of MMP which will allow for it to be fine-tuned.

Dr Maria Bargh

Maori Studies, Victoria University of Wellington


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