Apr 15, 2021


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Maori Politicians placate homophobia for votes

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The recent attendance of a group of Maori male politicians at the Destiny Church annual conference and their advocacy for the supposed benefits of that church to Maori people highlights the political purgatory that Maori find ourselves in leading up to the November election.

The scenes of Pita Sharples, Hone Harawira, Tau Henare and Shane Jones lining up to be blessed and to hear their platitudes of thanks to a homophobic and misogynist institution is not merely disturbing it is sickening. We should never forget the enough is enough hate marches instigated by Destiny Church.

We should never forget the kinds of hate speeches that Maori gay and lesbian whanau were bombarded with during the Civil Union debate, and the ongoing homophobia that Destiny Church leaders and members continue to openly express with both fervor and hatred.

So, who benefits from a group of heterosexual Maori male politicians standing on such a stage?

Not one of those Maori men challenged the underpinning homophobia and misogyny that is espoused by Brian Tamaki.

Rather it was avoided like the plague. What does that say to the many Maori gay and lesbian people within our whanau? It says that yet again we are easily sacrificed for 0.5% of the vote.

Dr Leonie Pihama
Maori And Indigenous Analysis Ltd.
Fulbright Scholar, Indigenous Wellness Research Institute, University of Seattle.

Contact may be made Skype (leoniepihama) for further comment.

22 thoughts on “Maori Politicians placate homophobia for votes

  1. Everyone deserves a second chance. Jevan made an offer to Carmen to help her but the event was more expensive than he thought it would be. The problems were covered by gay news site Gaynz.com http://www.gaynz.com/articles/publish/21/article_

    But other people have said that Jevan's interest in politics from a young age has led him to make unwise decisions too often. Like when he ran as Mayor for Whanganui against Michael Laws and he and Michael Laws made complaints to the police against each other. Or when he was interviewed by Ian Wishart for Investigate magazine about attending Labour parties when he was 14. David Farrar who knows the people involved, has read the article and given his view on it http://www.kiwiblog.co.nz/2010/04/jevan_goulter_v

    I imagine that Wishart didn't report Jevan's words accurately, but even so the story points to an enthusiastic young man who hasn't learnt better judgement. It is good to see him helping Hone in his campaign but I hope Jevan is getting guidance from more experienced campaigners too.

  2. jevan goulter is a scam artist, i did support mana until hearing that he was involved in the movement. he is not even respected in his own gay community because he lied and said a dance party he promoted would donate funds to carmen for an electric scooter. he ran off with all the money and carmen didnt get a thing. he used her famous name to get the patronage then shoot off with all the money. if u think jevan is shy here is an example of his cruel razor tounge… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dCLe0IS2jSg

  3. @piringi Before the missionaries came to Aotearoa, takataapui and same sex relationships were accepted as part of the rich diversity of life. This shocked the missionaries and they went round burning down or destroying carvings in whare showing same sex couples, Respected historian Ngahuia Te Awekotuku has written articles on this. Hating gays is the pakeha way, not the Maori way.

  4. Im sorry but national and John Key is not Ceaser, When Jesus was crucified he is now Ceasers judge and all mankinds judge.Destiny doesn't hate gays, or lesbians,the Church cannot agree with the civil union bill that the Labour Party passed . and that should go for any other Church if they are going to preach the truth.I'm not a destiny member though ive met both Brian and Hannah through a member of destiny and found them both a caring and down to earth people.My Pastor will also point out to our members when we live in a relationship thats not right in Gods eyes,Why because he cares for all of us.I also am a staunch supporter of the Mana Party. Destiny will help people in need with that funding

    1. It's obvious that Tamaki is all about tax free money, its obvious that Destinny "Church" is all about hating gays and muslims, its obvious that Destinny is a fraud.


    2. I know Ceaser is not the Nats and JK+ but mankind have been taxed to the Ceaser leader, types right up to today if i may say,, what Jesus stated back in his day, havenrt change has it? and i was reffering to churches who pay taxes and get govt funding
      as well.
      i have seen other churches invite Gay and Transvets plus and those people have seen the error of their lives according to Scripture, and committed to their Christian Salvation , Im not partial to gender or race, only the false lot wether Political or Regilous thank you.

  5. I met a young man at the Auckland Uni Marae last month who was shy to go there being Gay,i encouraged him by being there with him as a Kuia supporter.. from then he has helped door knocking at Waipareira, joined Mana and does his bit going to Destiny Church with the Mana followers and handed out flyers at the church to being invited by Hone to have a meeting and food with Brian and Hannah, he found them very easy and polite to talk with….We chat on f/b and i share and encourage him to do whats right for him,,im not a fan of Destiny because i dont think Gods people should take taxes from Govt for their work,,Jesus said to give to Ceasar what belongs to Ceaser, and God what belongs to him.. Kia Kaha to Jevan my young Gay friend….

  6. Of course it was avoided like the plague; they’re politicians trying to get votes. As I see it, it’s a choice between social justice and political deceit. Even after weighing up the myriad issues, pros & cons/GLBT vs. Destiny, then Destiny = more votes which = political deceit in favour of self. This will win every time; politicians are the ultimate egos, including the ones we like. All kinds of “minority” groups are sacrificed in this game so we either choose our favourite snake oil salesman or not. I’m choosing Harawira and Mana because it’s the only seemingly leftist political group standing at the election. There seems to be a few dodgy goings on at the moment including the Destiny spectacle. The point, I reckon, is to put pressure on them (whatever party) and make a big deal regarding GLBT people. For me GLBT, mental health, prisons and income equality will be my project. I don’t believe homophobia can be stopped, just dealt with radically as it occurs.

  7. important message is God did not create man to sleep with man,or woman with woman.That would not have been tolarated in our tupuna's and kuia's days.Im not having a go at you people, as you are right that we all have whanau;s in this predicament.The pakeha's are trying to make out that its O.K but remember one thing eventually we will stand before our judge.Its never to late to ask for forgiveness.Most of you's are very good people

    1. Piringi, who told you that men loving men and women loving women was not tolerated in our kuia and koroua's times? How far back are you talking about? Your analysis is highly simplistic and reductionist and is quite ignorant of any historical validity.

  8. Brian Tamaki may be the wolf, but our people that follow him are but sheep. Many of Brian’s converts have made significant lifestyle changes in accordance with his “divine guidance” and the benefits that have followed only bear witness to the believer that Brian is indeed divine. Thus they naturally ascribe to the rest of his doctrine including the patriarchal order, homophobia and financial servitude. Whilst i agree that these views and practices should be denounced, I do not agree that those of our people who have had their fair share of alienation should be further shunned by our politicians. Such a thing would only galvanise Brian’s divinity further. As for the time and place of denunciation…I hope it comes from our people that follow him. This would be the only denunciation that would count, in the long run.

  9. Tiz amazing to me how many are following this Brian Destiny Church, and there are many!! Are they that lost they have a need to turn towards THAT. Can they not see hez a girl!! Shame! Those that are vunerable are being hearded like sheep. Have they not any balls & faith to move away frm this sharliton Bozo.

  10. Great piece Leonie. Yep, by doing this they support homophobia, plain and simple. We all got plenty of homos in our whanau. It's only when the Christians invaded that it became a 'problem'. Tamaki is a hater.

    and Piri we aren't talking about he Pakeha gay homos but our own. Imagine being a minority within a minority that hates you… marangi mai nga tama

  11. Dr Pihama assumes the gay and lesbian community supports Maori issues. Many gay and lesbian MPs are quite racist and ineffective. We haven't heard whether the community supports Maori or the Mana Party.

    1. whakaaro pai, wisdom seldom seems to be upheld by the self interested. I recall the Destiny marches in Wellington and standing at parliament surrounded by Destiny male members, threatening and organised it wasnt pleasant. I even witnessed a woman trying to clear the track for others to get thru, struck by one of the Destiny members, Oh yeah lot of love and kindness in that Hahi. I am all for freedom of association and the right to religious freedom but I wonder when will Maori wake up to idolatry and false prophets? And stop giving them authority over there lives and initiate Tino Rangatiratanga for themselves.

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