Apr 13, 2021


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TangataWhenua.com calls it a win for Hone, a win for Mana and a win for Maori

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It was indeed nail-biting, well for those of us who have tasted defeat with previous elections which shall not be named.

However, most Mana supporters were quietly confident and as the votes began to poor in via the electoral commission’s website, we saw the ebb and flow of votes, Hone Harawira has not lost the lead since the tallying started and with 81.0% of the votes counted we’re predicting that Hone Harawira will retain his Te Tai Tokerau seat.

  • ALP, Kelvyn OUR 46
  • DAVIS, Kelvin LAB 3,617
  • HARAWIRA, Hone MANA 4,069
  • HERBERT, Maki ALCP 96
  • TIPENE, Solomon MAOR 819

3 thoughts on “TangataWhenua.com calls it a win for Hone, a win for Mana and a win for Maori

  1. hadn't realised how tense I was but am so relieved to see Hone pulling away as the last of the votes come in … whew!

  2. Fingers crossed for Hone.

    I dont wanna comment, I just want to be the first…..(laughing).

    This comes from Whanau in Christchurch

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