Apr 21, 2021


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Groove NZ qualifier to World Supremacy!

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SDA Proudly Presents a HoopDreamz Event, Groove NZ 2011 to go off on 24 Sept (Saturday) at Founders Theatre in Hamilton. Check out their website. You can access all the info you’ll need about Groove NZ 2011.

You can register, ask questions, register to compete, view pictures from our events and much more!

Registration Fees are $40.00 Per Crew Member, with a late fee of $50.00. Entries must be completed by 2/9/2011 and music must be sent no later then the 16/9/2011 (otherwise late fee will apply). Registrations must be paid before the 22/9/2011 – no payment can be made on the day. SDA reserves the right to refuse entry to any crew that does not meet the requirements of the Groove Rules and Regulations, both prior to competition or during.

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