Apr 15, 2021


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Labour should examine its own record of inaction in addressing child poverty – Turia

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Co-leader of the Maori Party, Tariana Turia, has suggested Labour MP Nanaia Mahuta would be better off examining the record of Labours inaction in addressing child poverty, than in talking against Whanau Ora.

I was disappointed to read the Labour message Mahuta issued yesterday criticizing Whanau Ora initiatives said Mrs Turia.

Truth is at the flaxroot level the sector, whanau, hapu and iwi support the kaupapa of Whanau Ora as the model of transformation that can turn the tide in their lives.

Our people want hope and they want the confidence and the sense of accomplishment that comes from designing and implementing their own solutions – this is the real value of Whanau Ora throughout the motu.

Like it or not, Ms Mahutas biggest challenge is to front up to the electorate, to explain why it was that in nine years of plenty, Labour was unable to invest in the community and voluntary sector at local and regional levels.

Labour can say all it likes about poverty now but for many families in Hamilton through to Huntly and beyond, Labours words are too little, too late.

The significant burden of poverty has maimed our communities for decades now ended Mrs Turia. We must not play politics with such a profound issue as poverty having been entrenched within our communities for far too long.

1 thought on “Labour should examine its own record of inaction in addressing child poverty – Turia

  1. Seems like, Nanaia Mahuta is looking for a place to hang her criticisms on, and has chosen whanau ora initiatives to do so. Not a good look Nanaia, for at least the Maori party has been bold enough to initiate new ways of alleviating the malaise which is rife amongst our people Maori. Closing the gaps policy hasnt changed things too much.
    There is greater dysfunction gathering pace year by year, to continue to do what has always been done, will result in more of the same sad statistics. We are now in a time of great change, and it will take bold moves to force through the change that is needed. Kia kaha Maori party. Wikitoria

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