Apr 15, 2021


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Launching Hua Parakore- a New Maori Indigenous Food Label

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Healthy, delicious, pure kai is what you will find on the supermarket shelves in the coming months with the launch of the new indigenous label Hua Parakore.

Hua Parakore is awarded to producers whose production and tikanga (cultural practices) are GE, nano, and chemical free, and who can assure product purity and integrity at all times.

Enhancing the cultural, spiritual, social, economic and health outcomes for Maori is at the heart of Hua Parakore.

Our health impediment, says Percy Tipene (Chair of Te Waka Kai Ora, Maori Organics Aotearoa) suggests we Maori die young from heart disease, obesity, too much sugar- these are all food related health issues. Hua Parakore addresses this with its simple aim to educate and feed ourselves.

Hua Parakore is also working with Maori community groups and marae in developing mahinga kai (gardens) to encourage self-sufficiency and enhance wellbeing.

The aim is also to create sustainable livelihoods and economic opportunities for Maori. The vast tracks of undeveloped Maori land free from pesticides means that Maori are the sleeping giants of the organics industry and there is a golden opportunity for Maori to take a major lead in the production of organic kai based on our distinct cultural point of difference, believes Percy Tipene.

The potential for Hua Parakore extends to the distant shores of our Pacific neighbours with interest already being expressed by Papua Nui Guinea, Samoa, Vanuatu and the Solomon and the Cook Islands who would like to join Te Waka Kai Ora and set up native trade relationships into the future.

While several growers already carry the Hua Parakore tohu (label), the official launch will be at Turnball House Wellington, 5pm, Thursday 14th of July, 2011. The launch will feature presentations, guest speakers, and a spread of Hua Parakore delicious kai.

For further information contact us on [email protected] or visit us at www.tewakakaiora.co.nz. Contact Person: Media Officer- Monique Badham.

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