Apr 13, 2021


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New agreement gives greater Maori voice to management of NZ’s water assets

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World leading environmental monitoring tool launched

The worlds first real-time, automated, web-based mass flux monitoring solution, which allows users to monitor and analyse the dispersion of pollutants, has been launched in New Zealand.

Trifecta Global Infrastructure Solutions has developed a patented solution, Waiora Earth Monitoring Software, for integrating environmental sensors, web mapping and data processing to deliver real-time contour maps and models of contamination levels and their rate of change.

The New Zealand based software company has confirmed an exclusive agreement with Tuia Group, which will market the groundbreaking software.

Waiora (meaning pure water) is the world’s first internet based solution to generate interactive, real-time outputs based on what is actually happening in the environment.

Waiora has proved itself in US Environmental Protection Agency trials to provide fast, accurate and cost effective tools for long term monitoring remediation and resource management regarding the dispersion of pollutants in groundwater and other areas of concern.

[sws_pullquote_right]While the software will be a valuable tool for local governments, councils, industry and researchers, it is Maori and local iwi who have expressed the greatest interest. [/sws_pullquote_right]

Tuia Group Director, Mike Taitoko says that the agreement gives Maori a stronger voice in the management and sustainability of New Zealands natural water assets.

Recent natural disasters, intensified farming, water shortages and declining water quality have drawn attention to the widespread contamination of our freshwater resources.

Through kaitiakitanga, Maori have a unique part to play in the management of our rivers, lakes, streams and aquifers. Waiora gives Maori the opportunity to take a leadership role in freshwater management by combining new ideas and technologies with the traditional concepts of guardianship and preservation, Taitoko says.

Based on the concept that a picture is worth a thousand words, Waiora uses real-time scientific data and converts it into two and three-dimensional images of, for example, contaminant dispersions (using mass flux modelling) or aquifer storage levels which are easy for anyone to understand.

The technology is exciting as it allows scientists and non-scientists to collaborate around a common platform, using actual information. It will help our clients quickly appreciate the challenges around water quality and utilisation, and identify solutions to address these.

Trifecta is the leading developer of web based geospatial information software (GIS) solutions specifically designed to automate infrastructure asset management and workflows for government, utilities, and other stakeholders, worldwide.

[sws_grey_box box_size=”620″]Tuia Group was established four years ago to offer governance, economic development and legal services to the public, private and M?ori sectors. This licensing deal is seen as a strategic coup for the firm and they are predicting strong interest in Waiora. [/sws_grey_box]

Fresh water is essential to the health, economic growth, natural environment and cultural heritage of all New Zealanders, Taitoko adds.

Clark Easter, founder and CEO of Trifecta also welcomes the announcement. Environmental monitoring and compliance is going to be a key driver globally in the coming years. Trifecta is pleased to have a partner so dedicated to the sustainable future of New Zealand.

Tuia Groups partnership with Trifecta will position them as leaders in the ability to communicate visually, the management and utilisation of natural water assets in the Maori sector. But most importantly, it offers all stakeholders in this space greater capability to manage the long-term sustainability of New Zealands freshwater resources to the benefit of all.

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  1. Hemi Rau is a GUILTY Traitor! In the old days he would have been beheaded for these crimes against the KINGSHIP. Tainui dont want him so hes pushing his Tau iwi kaupapa in Otakanini Ngati Whatua. Hemi Rau is Tau Iwi orientated and cares only for MONEY. The people are irrelevent and he will spend every cent he can get his hand on, in the courts to further his GREED motivated Ideology. It is great the Tuku Morgan is a strong man and was not phased by the blind greed that Hemi Rau was trying to impose upon Tainui.
    I worry for the future of our Whanau and Whenua in the Kaipara ki te Tonga Rohe.
    Ngati Whatua ki Kaipara is under seige with this Bull head Hemi Rau at the Helm, Current Chairman of the Otakanini Topu incorporation. He has bought all his Tainui Commercial contacts such as MIGHTY RIVER POWER and railroaded all these windmills with basic to no consultation with the people. We have no resource such as Tainui, to Take this clown to court and make him accoutable. Help us Tuku Morgan, you know his colours. Investigate MIGHTY RIVER cause they are in his pocket, We are doomed without yous!! If he is like this with his fathers people TAINUI! Please spare US, His MOTHERS people, Ngati Whatua tuturu

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