Special votes seal Harawira’s victory


Details regarding the tally of Te Tai Tokerau’s special votes are now out, there were murmurings online from Labour supporters, that Kelvin Davis might take it but TangataWhenua.com felt that these votes would go overwhelming to the Mana Movement.

Official Count Results are now out via the Electoral Commission’s website with the formal declartion to be made by publishing a notice in the NZ Gazette.

Here is a the breakdown:

Out of all those 1196 special votes caste in Te Tai Tokerau only 733 were valid.

  • 204 special votes Kelvin Labour
  • 454 Special votes Hone Mana
  • 61 special votes Tipene Maori

But HONE took the vast majority of them…. the Mana Movement has shown itself to be a strong force with an amazing flaxroots support base and will no doubt play a pivitol role in the upcoming General Election


  1. I am so proud of the forward thinking Kuia and Kaumatua and also the Rangatahi of TTTokerau –

    The Crown left you for last because the deals adopted when sorting others will be thrust upon you and they THINK YOULL WEAR IT – not!!!

    Only TTT can put it completly right –

    Just a question – If I were to commit a crime I dont dictate the process or the outcome -how then is it that the CROWN of whom we accuse of theft,murder, war injustes (the breaching of the international law) is conducting the whole sherade?


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