Apr 12, 2021


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Winston Churchhill Memorial Trust funding

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Please see information relating to the Winston Churchill Memorial Trust:

Mission / Whakatakanga

The Trust aims to assist all kinds of New Zealanders from all walks of life to travel overseas and bring back with them new insights and understanding that will enrich their community and, ultimately, New Zealand as a whole.

Purpose / Kaupapa

Churchill Fellowships are intended for overseas travel, typically between three weeks and three months in duration, for intensive research to learn more about other people and cultures and to investigate topics that will help them to increase their contribution to the community.

What we fund

Fellowships are awarded for travel and research to be undertaken in the year immediately after the year of application.

Fellowships are granted for travel outside New Zealand only.

Short courses which form part of an eligible project may also be considered. Applications close on 31 July each year. Fellowships are announced during December. Successful applicants will be advised by the Trust board. If accepted, the applicant will then be required to prepare a formal itinerary for approval before the Fellowship is paid.

What we do not fund

The WCMT does not make grants towards academic or professional qualifications and funding is not normally granted for attending academic or professional conferences. Applications must be for travel between 1 January and 31 December in the year immediately after the year of application. Applications for travel earlier or later than these dates will not be considered.


3 thoughts on “Winston Churchhill Memorial Trust funding

  1. Kiaora, My name is Kohe. I was wondering if you could send me an application form of the Winston Churchhill Memorial Trust Funding. Thank you

  2. So let me get this straight..the fund gives travel money to do research. Has anyone ever actually gotten anything from these so called funds who say they help community, but are really back doors for some other development project.

    It’s retarded! It’s for show! and it’s so lame…It’s like saying you’re giving 1000 to cure cancer when you know Cancer isn’t a virus, and can’t actually be killed. It would be like claiming you can kill evolution, Cancers are tumors, your body is actually reacting to dietary or environmental toxins.

  3. I am wanting to apply for funding to pay for a conference in Australia. The conference is the 7th Biennial International Conference on Technology Education Research. I am an HoD of Technology at a secondary school and would like some help to be able to attend this conference. I am looking for approximately $1000 for the conference cost and some of the accomodation. I will fund the travel and some of the accomodation. Is this the type of thing the trust helps fund? If so how do I apply?
    I look forwrad to your reply

    Regards David Edmonds

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