Apr 15, 2021


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Are we there yet? Chanz Mikaere

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Gone is my faith, it has been beset
By the Maori Party who quickly forgets
The Principles of its infamous constitution
My sights now set on political retribution
Cloistered protocols of a bygone age
Attempt to suppress Tangatawhenua rage
The price was rape and theft of land
This whenua is MAORI and we must make a stand
Puritanical bullshit and misconstrued
When will they take responsibility for the Treaty they screwed?
Egos that show no traces of guilt
A vision smothered by the colonisers quilt
The voices of Rangatahi and Wahine young?
Crushed by Neo-liberal Sons
An annihilation of hapu and redefinition of iwi
By disconnected analysts who identify as Kiwis
Forever to be judged by their deeds
And accepting the colonisers blankets and beads
Not standing independently, happy begging for scraps
That have only widened, not closed the gaps
We are on the precipice of invisibility
Our Leaders choosing not to see
Our MANA and contribution to Nationhood
Take this opportunity? YES WE SHOULD!
To not be the silent generation
Giving away our voices for penial veneration
We must regroup and reclaim this walk
Not have both hands in deep pockets- and only talk
For where are the commonalities? Those kaupapa links?
That forge the bonds that time cannot shrink
The Maori Party was born of dreams
Aspirations of autonomy- forgotten it seems
By a Party that fails to listen: to grow
Their momentum has peaked and is now slowed
By the emergence of another, the Renegade of the North
Tired of bullshit promises and colonial discourse
A Party who recognises the PEOPLE are our wealth
As the bi-election results did so tell
The Maori Party are agents of policies unjust
I look upon the dogmatic with sympathetic distrust
Feigned humility on a Capitalist quest
Too distracted to see what will happen next
I am not matakite and have no crystal ball
But I do foresee a dramatic fall
Of flaccid Leadership onto sharpened blade
Their reasoning weak…the game lost in charade
If we are to learn anything from our recent political past
It is to watch out for the backlash- heres my forecast:
Tawhirimatea has called to task
Two great Generals to kick Kupapa arse
Hurricane Hone and Cyclone Sykes
A combination synonymous with the word FIGHT
Weve seen them move mountains and raise hell
The Mana Movement is about to swell
And be spurred by a Kaupapa, with belly fire
To Tino Rangatiratanga we all aspire
Alongside these Generals, the kaupapa needs
Trench diggers, Snipers and Navigators PLEASE
Throw aside your trepidation and any fear
Live in the now, the election is near
Single Parents, Students, Beneficiaries
Those whom the State has painfully squeezed
The disenfranchised, disillusioned and dispossessed
My karanga is to you, we must rise to the test

It is always darkest before the dawn
But these shackles of Capitalism must be torn
Kaitiakitanga is all we have in the end
Not some law on which the LANDLORDS can depend
To keep open the great economic divide
And placate my hapus fierce pride

Are we there yet? My polite response is HELL NO!
Theres so much more to do and so far to go
One sure indicator, a visceral truth?…
We cannot ignore the Suicides of Youth
This alone is the one sure measure
Capitalism has done this to what we most treasure
Our Whanau and Hapu cannot be left in limbo
Or alienated, disowned and shamed- (eh Jimbo!)
Our tamariki are dying by their own hands…

Because we sit on our arses and dont make a STAND.

The time has come to kaupapa share
And reinforce for our Rangatahi that we REALLY DO CARE
One start, e te iwi, is to use those two ticks!
Give those money hungry bastards the sure as shit flick
Now, I cant tell you who to VOTE for
But I can assure you we can wipe the floor
With those falsehoods they sell as policy
Coz they are not for you, or for me!

Tired of injustice and promises BROKEN
Brownies playing the game who are just token?

You know what to do come November 26
The current coalition needs the Crazy Horse PFFFFFFFT!

3 thoughts on “Are we there yet? Chanz Mikaere

  1. The problem: We slip easily into victim mentality when we we try to get exactly what we want in less than ideal circumstances and when we can’t, we allow ourselves to be trapped in no-win choices. Often, we aren’t even willing to consider any choice other than the ideal choice. When we are in victim mentality, we dont see the range of choices we have and we wallow in resentment. We feel helpless.

    The solution: In order to eliminate our victim mentality, we must:

    Start by accepting the reality of the situation instead of trying to achieve the ideal.
    Find the best choice available within the reality of the circumstances, and then
    Accept that choice instead of resenting it.

  2. Lyrical genius girlfriend!!!!!

    Loving your political bullets, keep your wahine voice true and strong e hoa.

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