Apr 15, 2021


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Kohatu Groupie by Marama Davidson (poem)

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This poem below was inspired by the work of Jo Tito. Jo declared that for every day in 2011, she would paint a rock a day for her creativity. This poem is released on day 214.

Kohatu Groupie
(By Marama Davidson)

She paints a rock a day for her creativity
And movement is born
From rocks, that are still

Kohatu groupies always waiting are we
Some patiently, some excitedly, all shamelessly
For our fill

For every new day gifts a whole new surprise
What lines will she fly?
What colours? What size?

We delight in the korero too..

Each rock is enveloped by sweet dialogue
The whakaro put up
Further tempts us along

It temptsto engage us, to ponder, to reflect
With kaupapa far ranging
Far reaching as you can get

Yet one of my favourite rocks
Came with no words
It simply sat, un-dialogued
And spoke so we all heard

Let us caution that word favourite

214 rocks have happened so far
214 favourites therefore, each a star!

A star which is photographed
Painted and still
That photo uploaded for us all, for our thrill

The kohatu facebook groupie clicks LIKE
The Kohatu groupie
Observation will spike

From this observation I once questioned her lines.

It seems our rock painter
Untrained she may be
Paints magnificent lines circles spirals style free!

Free-style, free-hand
Whatever you call it
Uninhibited, uncolonised
You better believe it

Opportunities endLESS
She paints this, she tells this
It is Brilliance no less!

Sometimes a sweet rock
Becomes koha for you
For a birthday, for a wedding, for a friendship
Or cos its due

Rock korero
It heralds the moon and world around us
Rock korero
It spotlights those emotions
That de-ground us

It is korero that takes us to political reflection
It is korero that journeys community collaboration
It is all about life/death and everything in between
And there are still 151 flippin rocks for the year
To be seen!

Kohatu painter embarks on her waka
And says to us all
Me haere, kia kaha

Inspiring, uplifting, poise and dignity
You rock, rock painter.
Were we all to be that free?

A simple small act of painting and sharing
Seeps into our minds, our souls and our caring

I patiently wait for the rock of tomorrow

Please visit the Rock a Day website to see all of Jos painted rocks. You can also purchase any remaining rocks at this website:

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