Looking for a whanau to go on TV and follow a Native Diet


The family or individuals we are seeking for the TV Series will not need to strip down, but will be weighed and go through full health checks.

They will be challenged to follow a Native Diet and exercise plan over just 10 weeks to improve their health and wellbeing.

Our research leads us to expect massive health changes with weight loss averages of 8 kg in that time frame.

For more information, please check Native Diet on Facebook

We have been commissioned by Maori TV and Te Mangai Paho to create a TV series presented by Te Kohe Tuhaka around the Native Diet. In the Native Diet the diet and activity of our ancestors are a reference standard for modern nutrition and lifestyle.


  1. Tena koe I would be keen to be involved in your programme, I have xtra weight to give away and my health would certainly benefit!!!!


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