Apr 15, 2021


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Maori King beer gets new name – Respecting Maori wishes

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Funkwerks, a small micro brewery located in Colorado, USA, which sparked outrage amongst Maori and indigenous groups around the world, as choose to respect the wishes of those who were offended and WE ARE IMPRESSED!

The company which named its beer Maori King has changed the name to Southern Tropic to reflect the use of hops imported from New Zealand.

The low key announcement came on Funkwerks blog and said the following:

Our goal at Funkwerks is to make good beer for our customers. Our intention was not to disrespect the M?ori people or their culture in naming our M?ori King beer. Out of respect, we are re-branding this beer as Southern Tropic.

Initially as the story broke, community outrage was sparked on Funkwerks Facebook page – https://www.facebook.com/Funkwerks since the announcement, the page has been filled with kind words and thank yous.

Whanau, we’re impressed, this company, although small (and not even exporting to New Zealand) could have easily choose to do nothing, to keep the name and the imagery which was so insulting to so many Maori, it probably wouldn’t have hurt their business in the least, but they choose instead to remove the name and the label (no doubt at some cost) and as a result have respected the wishes of Maori through out the world.

If you haven’t already let Funkwerks know what you think of their changing the name of their beer from Maori King to Southern Tropic – feel free to say a few kind words – https://www.facebook.com/Funkwerks


12 thoughts on “Maori King beer gets new name – Respecting Maori wishes

  1. As a Maori living in the USA for many years it’s good to see a company like funkwerks has integrity. I’m sure it’s core products must be like that too. Can’t wait to try them now.

  2. To Enoch Powell

    As an ex-pat Brit, I feel pretty qualified to say if you don’t like it, piss off somewhere else!

  3. Reply to Enoch Powell: I think you’ve been reading too much STUFF.Co.nz news, where everything thats reported is about the contributions of British and Australians and select New Zealanders.

    You see mostly it’s rubbish, I don’t think I need an economic and environmental department to prove it either.

    You might want to take a look around your house, you’ll see nothing in that house says “Made in Britain”…

  4. As reported on RadioNZ:
    “A Tainui kuia says a backlash against a beer called Maori King is a lesson for anyone else who insults Maori.”

    Ooooooo….so we’re all shaking in our boots now! Let this be a lesson for anyone who insults maori???!!! Puh-leez!
    When we’re called pakeha, honky, oppressor etc etc…when we are accused of exploitation, suppression of rights etc etc…of COURSE we’re going to take GREAT delight in throwing insults back! And to HELL with any THREATENED maori retaliation!
    This country has had a gutsful of maori thinking they can jump up and down in their silly grass skirts, poking their tongues out, screaming and crying to get their own way…
    Sorry, bros, but there’s no such thing as a free lunch.
    You want part of society. Try ACTING like you do.

    1. Haha bet those guys jumping up and down in their grass skirts, show casing Maori culture as New Zealand culture at the RWC opening ceremony really got your knickers in a twist lol. Grow up you idiot, no one wants to hear your poor me, white man gets called names by Maori story.

  5. Thank you Funkwerks for listening and respecting the wishes of our people. I wish you and your company great success!

  6. You’ll notice that there is absolutely no reference whatsoever to New Zealand- which by the way has no tropical zone. Not even a mention of the South Pacific for that matter. Way to take us off the map. By this time next week, no one outside will even know where New Zealand is on the map.

  7. Congratulations Funkwerks,your company is fantastic,what you have done rebranding the beer,words are not eoungh to describe how highly regardly you are,for doing that. May Southern Tropic sell well and make everyone who drinks it happy!!!.

  8. Kudos to this company for hearing the voice of indigeny and responding with clarity and a rare humility that is hard to come by in the capitalist, corporate world. May this kind of restitution not be so rare. May the voice of indigenous peoples continue to be magnified and heard deeply.

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