Apr 15, 2021


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People take to Facebook to voice their disgust with “Maori King” beer

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Social Networking site Facebook is enabling whanau upset about the use of the words “Maori King” on a American-based beer label to voice their disgust. Comments are pouring in on the Funkwerks Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/Funkwerks).

No doubt, Funkwerks hopes the furor will die down as they have announced that there are no plans to change the label regardless of the offense it continues to cause.

The only comment to emerge from the Company’s Facebook page was in response to Green Party supporter, Sam Knowles, who told Funkwerks to ignore “the haters”, Funkwerks replied saying:

“Thank you, that means a lot, as we do not want to offend anyone. We just want to produce really good Belgian Style Saisons. We appreciate any kinds words!!!”

Other posters commented on the lack of research Funkwerks undertook as a simple Google of the words “Maori King” would have showed them the significance of the words. Ngati Pikiao artist, Renee White made this point saying: “You claim you did not know we had our own King, pure laziness, google it do the research… there is no excuse for it. wow…. OUTRAGED!”





21 thoughts on “People take to Facebook to voice their disgust with “Maori King” beer

  1. @ Enoch Powell – only to colonial tea planters like you and with a name like Enoch Powell: I’m sure the rivres of blood float your boat. Thanks for the history lesson, but I’m pretty sure most Maori would be more familiar with the origins of the Maori King. As for getting a grip, it might be good if you stopped gripping and moved on from the “non-issue” that you claim it to be. When I think something is a non-issue, I don’t bother making multiple posts on the subject.

  2. Oh puh-LEEEZZZ!!! Get a grip!!!!
    The world does not revolve around Bro Town!
    They didnt use a picture of your king. They merely used a stylised facial tattoo and called it Maori King Beer. No-one has any claim on that. Sorry, cuzzies, but theres not a chance in hell that youll be able to score any freebees or koha this time! THATs what youre REALLY pissed about: no back-handers.
    Do a bit of reading yourselves, and youll understand just how MINOR this issue is. The brewery is miniscule. Its output is tiny. The only reason weve even HEARD about this, is because its turned into a media and maori beat-up!!
    This is just like Tariana Turia getting her knickers all twisted back in June, about milk powder with a maori maidens image on the container! There IS no issue hereexcept in the minds of those in da hood, who believe nasty white honky imperialists have screwed them out of everything theyre entitled to!
    Get over your precious selves!
    This country and your people has FAR bigger problems to tackle than this!

    1. What gives you so much confidence Enoch? Was it the 300 movie? That wasn’t at all historically accurate I hope you know. Persia took over the region, then Rome came and went, destroyed again by Germanic and Mongol Asian Hordes.

      Why do you think you’re better than Maori? Why cause in 1910 the population dropped out of the Great Influenza?

      Tell me something..WHATS YOUR TRIBE’s NAME?
      You don’t have one..it’s gone…erased…

      now go play Superior Imperialist some where else, before I tell you where your language originated from.

      1. Where you getting your information from off the net perchance. Well we are still here not going anywhere and very sure of our future!!!!
        Can you say the same?

    2. Hey Maori Boy I have never seen such an ignorant rant!!!
      If Maori say its an offence then thats just what it is no dispute!
      Man no wonder the worlds in such a mess, to many monocultural bullies!!!!!

    3. Enoch Powell – Huh the primeminister of England. He actually stayed with my whanau when he was in New Zealand!!!!

    1. Sure Scott, stupid to you, but to a whole community it is offensive.

      Just like when Phillip Morris called their cigarettes Maori Mix or when Lego created a whole line of bionics based on Maori mythology. These things actually matter to us – so just because it means nothing to you – doesn’t mean it’s important.

      1. The energy spent on this topic is wasted. There are many more important issues in this world. Someone will always be offended.

        1. That rationale NEVER works, no matter WHAT you focus on there is ALWAYS something more “important” – focus on child abuse, there is genocide, focus on genocide and there is the destruction of our planet’s environment, ad infinitum.

          I like how Mrya put it on their FB page “The Maori King represents the Maori people of Aotearoa, New Zealand. His lineage is no less important to his people than that of the Queen of England. Would you contemplate putting her image on your beer? Your ‘Maori King’ beer is an absolute insult to the culture of our people and sends the absolutely wrong message about our culture. We have no desire to be ‘branded’ with a juice that alters the brains ability to think straight.”

          1. Sure, really wouldn’t care who’s image is on a beer. That’s just not very important as there’s no meaning behind it other than art.

          2. Er, let’s be clear about this.
            The maori king’s lineage is FAR less important than that of the Queen of NZ, England and the Commonwealth.
            The maori “king” lineage was established by a reluctant vote in the 1850s. He is also NOT regarded as the king of ALL maori at all.
            The position of maori monarch is not hereditary in principle. The monarch is appointed by the leaders of the tribes involved in the Kingitanga movement on the day of the previous monarchs funeral and before the burial. To date however, all maori monarchs have been direct descendants of the first one, and each monarch has been succeeded by a son or daughter. With each successive monarch, the role of that family has been entrenched, but after any reign ends there’s the potential for the mantle to be passed to someone from ANOTHER family or tribe if the chiefs of the various tribes are in agreement.

    2. seems a bit rude Scott… maybe one person’s issue is another person’s non-issue but its about respect for each other and different opinions. and didnt your mother tell you ‘if you can’t say something nice say nothing at all’ OR perhaps this one ‘if you arent part of the solution – you’re part of the problem’ so pick a solgan and act

        1. What, mutual respect? Sure, we respect your right to not give two shits, but you don’t seem to respect our right to actually consider this an issue of importance. So it SHOULD go both ways, but apparently for you it doesn’t. Nobody’s telling you that you should care, you’re just telling us we shouldn’t.

          1. Seems that someone thinks I should care. I don’t see the point in this topic anymore.

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