Apr 12, 2021


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Te Pua Wananga o Te Arawa taking registrations

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Tena tatou. Greetings everyone. This panui is advise that Te Pua Wananga o Te Arawa will be holding our regular three wananga shortly and that registrations are now being taken. We committed to six a year so this is to present the second series of three.

I have to say that I am not sure whether this is a good time for wananga!! On one hand, the many tangi expose the need to have people prepared to take up the roles, on the other hand, many are still grieving for those who have passed on. That aside, we must continue in our mahi.

Te Pua Wananga has developed over the last two years with the assistance of Waiariki Institute of Technology and Te Arawa Lakes Trust. We have held around 10 wananga to date all aimed at preparing people to fill the cultural roles at home base and wherever they may be, at some point. We have had around sixty students thus far and as we start a new set of three wananga, the door is opened to others keen to learn. Te Pua Wananga is open to secondary school age and older but people are there to learn and the commitment is for the three wananga please. It is upsetting when people come and go although this cannot be helped at times.

We hope that those who attend will come prepared to learn from start to finish, in a safe environment, where you can ask questions and hopefully get answers. We attempt to get a variety of teachers who are the most knowledgeable of our people to present you matauranga. This knowledge is Te Arawa knowledge. While we may not get to do marae specific waiata for example, the idea is that we learn the common waiata such that we can support all of our marae if needed.

The Wananga

Dates for wananga are:

  • Friday12th-14th August at Ihenga, Waiariki Institute of Technology
  • Friday 16th -18th September. To be confirmed
  • Friday 7th- 9th October. To be confirmed

The first wananga is to coincide with the move of Pukaki to Rotorua Museum. The second wananga is to coincide with the opening of Mataatua marae in Whakatane.

All wananga are marae based and students are expected to stay on the marae for the length of the wananga which start at 5.00pm Fridays and finish around lunch time on Sunday.

You should come prepared to have Maori spoken to you and to respond in Maori as best you can. In finding a a place where you can practise your Maori at whatever level, this should be it.


You should expect to come out of each wananga with

  • One waiata
  • One whakapapa line
  • One karakia
  • Instruction on Karanga and Whaikorero
  • Wananga on aspects of Te Arawa kawa and tikanga
  • General knowledge

At the end you will have three of each and of course a heap of general knowledge. Be prepared to be involved in practical activities, role plays and the like.


  • Each wananga is $40.00. This is a koha to Te Pua Wananga to assist with costs.
  • For our pakeke and those not working, he pai tonu te koha.

What do you bring?

A notebook, pen, sleeping bag etc and all gear you need to stay on marae. Bring any recording devices you need. All papers will be supplied.


Having tamariki at the wananga should not get in the road of people attending but the rule is that they must not hinder your learning nor that of others. If you are required to have your eyes follow them everywhere, it will be hard so please keep that in mind.


The attached form is to give us some idea of numbers and get a commitment from you for the first wananga. Please fill it in and return to Olivia or Dell by the Friday 5th August with the $40.00 registration.

PLEASE NOTE: E hoa ma, we need at least 40 registrations with money in by FRIDAY 5th AUGUST please or else we will have to cancel. To pay you can deposit directly into Westpac 03 0415 0533749-25

Note also that participants on our wananga remain at the discretion of the organisers. Should registrations be more than can be catered for, those who register first will be given preference.

Hei Kupu Whakamutunga.

Feedback from all participants so far has been very positive such that most keep returning because all wananga introduce new knowledge. If you want a safe place to learn, I think this is it. A further panui will be distributed TO THOSE WHO REGISTER as we get closer so kia tere please.

If you have any questions, please contact Olivia or Dell or myself on [email protected].

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