Bank of New Zealand appoints head of Maori business


Bank of New Zealand has announced the appointment of Pierre Tohe as the head of Maori business, a new role at BNZ.

“We’re living in unprecedented times in Aotearoa. As Treaty of Waitangi claims are settled we’re witnessing the largest transfer of wealth from the Crown balance sheet to Maori in our lifetime. This huge economic shift will need support from the local banking industry and I firmly believe BNZ has the ability, desire and right attitude to provide this support” says Mr Tohe.

BNZ Head of Institutional Banking, Shelley Ruha said: “The significance of this appointment cannot be underestimated; we believe Maori business interests in New Zealandare set for a period of substantial growth, and BNZ, with Pierre Tohe’s knowledge of banking and Maori business will be a great advantage in the years to come.”

Pierre Tohe has been with BNZ for nearly eight years as a Senior Corporate Lawyer and will bring to the position a solid background and well established networks within the Maori community. The next 12 months are set to be busy for Mr Tohe as he works closely with the BNZ Partners and Retail businesses and iwi across the country.

Source: Datamonitor


  1. Interesting wording there..where it says transfer of wealth from the “Crown”. The Crown is a ceremonial production and has no Imperial Authority over Parliament.

    Why don’t we just print money and give it to Maori business – like what everyone eles is doing in Britain and make a Wall Street bubble so big it collapses the national treasury. Then won’t do it again…

    • Gosh, some issues there Mana Authority. I mean issues like your barely suppressed anger and overtly expressed idiocy…


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