May 7, 2021

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If you were there, you would have thought you were watching the start of a fight, but really what you were watching was the nexus between Maori culture and technology all about celebrating the Rugby World Cup 2011. The word went out to meet down at Auckland’s largest mall, Sylvia Park and the answer came with over 100 people joining to together to do a “Flash Haka” – check it out!

At 3pm today there were already over 13,000 views on YouTube!

Street view

Aerial view

An aerial video uploaded below was by organiser Michael Moka kash1n21 says the performance was the “first flash mob for RWC and definitely won’t [be the] last.”

“Start the new craze Whanau,” he said.

Moka said the group was made up of 55 young Maori leaders from around the country, brought together for the World Cup.

They would complete a number of challenges – including potentially participating in the opening ceremony – one of which was to make the haka contemporary.

“We got a great response. It would be great if there could be flash mob haka across the country,” he said.

Our favouite comment came from nominonu who said:

OMGoodness! Totally amazing! i was so moved. beautiful demonstration of strength, power and summoning the great ancestors of our land and tribe. Unite as One brothers and sisters. Arise xx

The term “flash mob” refers to a group of people who suddenly assemble in a public place to perform – usually music – and then disperse as quickly as they appear.

6 thoughts on “RWC 2011 Flash Haka @ Sylvia Park awes spectators

  1. Thats mean, that should be the type of mob all our people should be involved with, proud to be ngati

  2. I now live in OZ. Watching this inspired me to go out today and buy tickets to get home by Friday! Love my home. The Maori culture is in my blood even though I’m a Pakia.

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