Apr 13, 2021


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Strange Resting Places – Real New Zealand Festival

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Set against the backdrop of war, Strange Resting Places traces the stories and personal experiences of the Maori Battalion in Italy, as celebrated NZ actors Paolo Rotondo (Italian) and Rob Mokaraka (Maori) take audiences on a touching and often humorous tale of comradeship and survival.

Five years after its launch at The Auckland International Arts Festival in 2007, Taki Rua Productions is proud to announce that Strange Resting Places will tour nationally as part of the REAL NEW ZEALAND FESTIVAL. The original cast, Paolo Rotondo, Rob Mokaraka and Maaka Pohatu return to the stage for what is likely to be the final tour of this award winning production.

Strange Resting Places will be performed in Auckland at the brand new Q Theatre and at marae in Christchurch, Nelson and Dunedin. Tour dates in Nelson and Dunedin are set to coincide with Team Italys matches in the two cities. Taki Rua Productions Marketing Manager Keryn Bristow says Manaakitanga is at the core of everything we do and these Marae performances are an opportunity for us to celebrate our shared history with Team Italy and their supporters in a memorable cultural exchange.

A theatre production for the whole family, Strange Resting Places shines a light on the three universals Maori shared with the Italians: family, food and song not to mention wily cunning, a love of vino and a passion for the ladies!

17th September 2011
5:00pm Saturday

21st 24th September 2011
9:00pm Wednesday and Friday
2:00pm Thursday and Saturday
Q Theatre,Queen Street

26th September 2011
5:15pm Monday
Whakatu Marae

1st October 2011
5:15pm Saturday
Araiteuru Marae
24 Shetland Street, Maori Hill

Media enquiries to Keryn Bristow / 04 385 3107 / [email protected]

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