Apr 21, 2021


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People wanting to explore Maori culture will have the opportunity to learn the language and Maori protocols at Featherston Community Centre by Amie Hickland

Tiakitanga, a small business that was set up to help share the knowledge of Maori ancestors, started teaching Maori culture classes this week.

Kaihatu/director Karepa Wall said the idea for the classes came from the community, and had been floating around for some years.

“I decided this year instead of flagging people off to others places, we would just do it,” said Mr Wall.

The main idea of the classes was to give groups the skills and tools to learn about Maori culture.

There were three courses which would focus on languages, customs, and song and dance.

The language class was held on Tuesday nights from 7pm, and teaches basic greetings, counting and everyday sentences. The first class attracted 10 people.

“I know there were some people who couldn’t come,” he said. “People can jump on and jump off [the course] when they like.”

Although this is not the case for all the classes.

The customs and protocols class is designed as a 12-week block course, which builds on what is learnt the week before.

This will be held on Sunday afternoons from 5pm.

There is also an informal kapa haka group, which will learn songs that have been around for generations and tell stories.

“It’s not a kapa haka group where you’re going to compete in national competitions,” said Mr Wall.

The courses cost $100 for the 12 or $10 per session, contact Tiakitanga on (06) 308 9895 for more information.


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