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Introductory Workshop for Iwi and Maori on Dealing with the News Media, Rotorua

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ORA Communications will be holding three one-day workshops in Rotorua on 21, 23 and 24 November 2011 at a maximum of five people per workshop, so get in fast and register before November 4, 2011.

Who might be interested in doing this workshop?

Chairs, deputy chairs, general managers and chief executives for iwi and organisations throughout Waiariki and beyond (governance and management).

Anyone in a leadership position including trustees and committee members who have been given a mandate from their people to represent and advocate for them.

Gatekeepers (EAs, personal assistants, secretaries)

Who is running the workshop?

The workshop will be run by Renee Kiriona-Ritete (Te Arawa, Taranaki, Ngati Apa) and Marisa Balle (Te Arawa, Taranaki, Ngati Raukawa, Ngati Kahu). Renees experience with the news media has included being the editor of an iwi magazine, a reporter for the countrys largest newspaper The New Zealand Herald, a reporter for the countrys oldest newspaper Taranaki Daily News, the media liaison for a Treaty negotiations group representative of 13 affiliate iwi and hapu, a press secretary to a Government minister and a media and communications advisor in Parliament. Marisas experience in the news media has included being a senior reporter and director for Maori Televisions current affairs programme Native Affairs and TVNZs Marae Investigates.

Subjects to be covered in the workshop?

The workshop will cover a number of subjects, with just some of them including:

– Maori and the news media

– Strategies for dealing with negative situations

– Strategies for getting proactive media coverage

Interviewee techniques – mock on camera interview and follow-up analysis (each participant will be given their video on DVD and a paper on strategies tailored at improving their dealings with the news media).

– Key media contacts in your sector and rohe

Why are we limiting each workshop to a maximum of five people?

We want to give each participant our total attention and at least one hour one-on-one training. We will consider increasing the numbers per workshop if an organisation wants to send five or more representatives.

Does ORA Communications offer more advanced training?

Yes. This would involve more intense one-on-one training, after we have undertaken an analysis of you and your organisations previous media coverage.

Contact Renee if you are interested on email: [email protected] or mobile 022 123 8811.

2 thoughts on “Introductory Workshop for Iwi and Maori on Dealing with the News Media, Rotorua

    1. Kia ora
      The cost is $230 (includes lunch, morning and afternoon tea). The workshop will be held in Rotorua and go from 8.30am to 5.30pm.
      One component will be bringing in a camera crew to do mock interviews with each of the participants, and to provide an analysis on how they performed and what they can do better. We’ll also be teaching the participants how to draft media statements, and a whole lot of other things as well.
      Please let me know if you have any other questions.
      Email: [email protected]

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