Apr 13, 2021


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Serving up racism on TV as entertainment is offensive

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Thisfootage from TV3shows armedpolice pulling over Maori youth,pointing rifles at them and harrassingthem as if it is a routine occurrance.

Why? Because one of them is wearing ashirt the same colour as someoneseen earlier,’possibly’ bearing afirearm. Apparently, he ‘fits the description.’

Thelink to the show is here, start watching from 16 minutes 50 seconds in:


How do we know the footage is racist?

A car full of white people wouldnever be treated in the way these Maori boys are. Overseas this would be called racial profiling and iffilmed andmade public,it would make the news.

What else is wrong with the footage?

It describes the stop as ‘routine’, which is how police laterfindsomecannibis. Pulling acar load of youth over at gunpoint and harrassing them out of their cars is not routine – maybe unless you are in
a brown suburb.

What should the police have done?

You would expectthe police toapologise and let them go – the footage suggests the police followup the ‘siege’ with a’random’ search and suggest to the
guy in the red that he was ‘in the wrong place at the wrong time’. No apology, no regrets, nothing.

What messages does the show promote?

“What could have been an explosive situation worked well for everyone involved”

The case does notwork out well for this bunch of Maori youth as they were harassed fromtheir car atthe threat of gunfire, simply because they were Maori.

The expolsive situation was 100% created by the police and the youth are innocent victims.

It’s TV3 footage, not the police’s.

The police are actively involved in the production of these crime programmes, allowing cameras to follow them.The police should be embarrassed that this scene was even filmed -they are complicit with it making national TV. This is an embarrassment for all poice.Serving up racismas entertainment is offensive.

This is no isolated case and is evidenceto supportPeter Sharples recent claims.

6 thoughts on “Serving up racism on TV as entertainment is offensive

  1. William Winitana Where is the racism?

    If one of my children where assaulted/attacked (god forbid) and the only detail she could provide police with, was that the attacker wore an orange shirt.

    Then I would damned well expect every person in and around the area wearing an orange shirt to be stopped and question’d If she thought he had a gun, then by procedure YES!!!
    Because she is my daughter? He’ll no!!!!! Because the basic information provided to the police in this “hypothetical scenario” was a shirt colour.

    You know damned well what I mean about mole hills and mountains, with regard to point two/ii of your reply, you are building them again.
    You are judging our police, and acting as jury after the fact.
    (Maori Youth) (Who are innocent) Which is so easy to do when you know the out come, however the police do not and never do.
    It is only after the fact, that all this comes to the four.

    This is a trained take down, not designed to be pleasant nor polite. It’s effect is to have the suspect feel control’d no matter the suspects age, race, or religion. These men and women put their lives on the line every day. Race would be the last thing on their minds at the time. Four most on their minds in such a situation, is numbers. Hands. Weapons. CONTROL!!!!

    To judge race equality based on this extreme footage is unfair to our men and woman in blue.

    You refer to ” concrete evidence ” twice in points four/iv and five/v even though I did not mention this at all, in fact this is my point. The police have NO concrete evidence….. Only descriptions no matter how small in detail. This is the point of apprehension, ” to ascertain the situation. When fire arms are thought to be involved then this is the outcome ” NOT BECAUSE OF COLOUR” but PROCEDURE!!!!!!

    I am awake Sharyanna and have been for quite some time, if we could keep comment to the subject, and less on a personal nature, would be great.

    Point seven/vii you don’t know the answer to this question, nor do I with regard to this footage. How ever I did suggest in my original comment, that the answer to that may lay on the flour of the editing suite at TVNZ.

    Point eight/viii utter fabrication 50-55 mins to get to flaxmere???, more if your MAORI???? Longer still if you are Male Maori.
    where are you getting your figures???
    I live in flaxmere and call our police three to four times a year. And as a ” MALE MAORI ” I challenge these figures. And am whole heartedly ready to debat them.

    Point ten/x until new zealanders are prepared to walk a mile in the shoes of policing men and women, then it is best to leave comment for more informed heads. You speak of harassement, this is not evident in this footage.
    Motivated discrimination? Where with relation to this footage?
    Half cocked generalized discriptions.? That as a rule is what the police have to go on at the best of times. Hardly rasist. But PROCEDURE!!! What I believe, is irrelevant.
    Facts, procedure and balance with regard to the footage is what we are talking about.

    So YOU require an apology? For what? The police doing their job? I refer to my original comment could it be on the floor of the editing suit.? YOUR apology that is.

    Finally, I have chosen to ignore your personal remarks

    And I chose to do the same with regard to your final remarks. Save for this.

    Although I have chosen to disagree with the author of the article
    ” serving up racism on Tv3 ” and have instead viewed the footage in question from a neutral unbiased position. Commenting only on the facts to hand,

    Do not, for one second think that I am subservient, or complacent. Choosing to follow and not question.

    To say I resent that remark, would only take the focus off of the real subject at hand, AND!!!!!!!! with regard to this footage!!!!!!!

    My question again, ” Where is the racism?
    October 15 at 2:35am Like

  2. what a lot of sensationalism. lets face it, he fit the discription…. one can never base results on what you see on the screen big or small. the truth be on an editing suit floor somewhere at tvnz.
    racism does exist but not in this footage.

    stop trying to make mountains out of mole hills..

    if someone fits the description of an elidged arm’d what ever. be they black or white then yes steps must be taken. these boys are young do you see them on here bitching about, “oh poor me, I feel racially targeted” no what they would have done is txt 20 people and raved about it…..

    Harden the hell up NZ and stop turning into POMS…

    and to suggest that this would never happen to a car full of white boys? grow up… come to south auckland, maraenui, flaxmere,porirua. anyone of these places and you will not only see for yourself that this indeed does happen on a daily basis…. but the real tragedy here not race, but the volume in which our men and women in blue must deal with…

      1. Good use of words. Tax paying dollars well spent on your education…. Obviously a National Supporter?.

        God bless you e hoa.

        1. Don’t bother responding Teps. None so IGNORANT as those who REFUSE to see as such is the case with this person above.

    1. Tena koe William. I would like to respond to your statement.

      (i) “he fit the discription (sic)” – What description exactly? A “shirt the same colour as someone seen earlier POSSIBLY bearing a firearm” is not a description. Or do you believe that guessing games tantamount to “I thought I saw..” and the “wearing of same coloured clothing” is ground for definite identification?

      (ii) “stop trying to make mountains out of mole hills” – because armed police pulling over Maori youth (who were INNOCENT), pointing rifles at and harrassing them is a mole hill? If those youth were YOUR children, what then? Would it still be a mole hill? What do you consider a mountain?

      (iii) “if someone fits the description of an elidged (sic) arm’d (sic) what ever. be they black or white then yes steps must be taken.” – Again, what description? Or is someone who say she saw another person wearing the “same coloured clothes and POSSIBLY bearing a firearm” concrete evidence to you?

      (iv) “be they black or white” – After the group of Maori youth proved innocent did the police then go off and search, in the same method, a car full of white youth? Being that the offender was still at large?

      (v) “these boys are young do you see them on here bitching about, “oh poor me, I feel racially targeted” no what they would have done is txt 20 people and raved about it….. ” – How do you know? Or is this an example of your concrete evidence? Presumption and guess work.

      (vi) “Harden the hell up NZ and stop turning into POMS…” – Wake up William and stop minimising institutionalised racism. By so doing you’re consenting to its use.

      (vii) “and to suggest that this would never happen to a car full of white boys” – Did it? Being that the REAL offender was not apprehended did they pull over a car full of white boys in the same method as the Maori youth thereafter?

      (viii) “come to south auckland, maraenui, flaxmere,porirua. anyone of these places and you will not only see for yourself that this indeed does happen on a daily basis” – To Maori yes. I have family still residing in Flaxmere William. If a call is placed to the Hastings Police from a resident of Flaxmere it takes 50-55minutes for police to respond, longer if you’re Maori but even LONGER if you’re Maori male.

      ix) “but the real tragedy here not race” – No. The real tragedy lies in the public obedience of institutionalised racism and the acceptance of racial profiling. Are you ignorant to entrenched racism or are you just accepting of what you’ve been told?

      (x) “but the volume in which our men and women in blue must deal with such offences.” – While policing is their job and what they’re employed to do it should not be their motivation to discriminate and act on half-cocked generalised descriptions. Neither is it “routine” to harass youth out of their vehicle. Or do you believe it is?

      (xi) “sure they will get it wrong now and then’ – And when they do I expect remorse and an apology. But NONE was proffered by the police only a deflection to say “it worked well for everyone involved.” Did it work well for the youth wrongfully harassed? ?

      (xii) “to wait for an apology for who? yourself or the boys. because you are the one who sounds more outraged, lets make sure we focus our outrage on the right take…” – Who do you think an apology should have been extended to? The man in the moon? What’s the “right take”? To become complacent, obedient, and accepting civil servants? To not question and challenge? That subservient attitude and living might appeal to you but I will NEVER accept that way of life.

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