Apr 13, 2021


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What a real revolution would look like!

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Around the world many are rising against oppressiveneo-liberal policies that benefit only 1% of all people. An occupation on Wall Street in New York hasinspired othercities and countries to take action against this repression.

A slogan borne from this protest has beenWe are the 99%.Aotearoa (New Zealand)now joins this movement in solidarity.

This is what I wish our country would say.

We are with you now Tangata Whenua (People of the Land). We are nowALLfighting what you have been fighting since we arrived on your shores. We join with you to say that this system doesnot treat people or the earth kindly. We echo your call thatthis way of treading on people is not ofAotearoa.It is not our way. We stand in solidarity with the worldagainstaregime where only 1% are the lucky ones. We are 85% whorealise thatwe must join withindigenous people who have long fought these issues.Then our number will truly reflect99%.We remember that your responsibility as guardians of these landswas stripped from you under this system we now oppose. We acknowledge that to this day you fight for the status of authority you lost on your lands of ancestral origin.Weask for your blessing that we may all become better caretakers together. Weunderstandwe can only gain STRENGTHfrom having you stand with us, from the outset. We realise that we will ALL benefit when we collectively affirm your uniqueresponsibility as hosts of this land. We understand that weneed not fearyour voice anymore.We are with you now Tangata Whenua. Let us fight this fight together.

Marama Davidson (Te Rarawa, Ngaapuhi, Ngaatiporou)

2 thoughts on “What a real revolution would look like!

  1. I heard you talking on National Radio this morning, Marama, and very much appreciated what you had to say. I was horrified that the host switched to an international piece after you had set forward the idea of planning for the next 100 years without even acknowledging what you had to say. A couple of week ago I was listening to a panel with Ella Henry on who cautiously said “I am now going to mention the term that most P?keh? don’t want to hear about – colonisation” and sure enough, the P?keh? MC changed the topic. So M?ori women are going to be marginalised/cut off on P?keh? media when they say anything considered inappropriate or difficult?

    Sue Abel

    1. Kia ora Sue! Thanks for your feedback it is much appreciated. National Radio is certainly a different audience for me than what I am accustomed to so I was probably quite cautious and measured, which on reflection isn’t a bad way to be for me I suppose. Yes it is difficult working in that format, I thought Jeremy Rose did quite well in letting the conversation flow but yeah I would have like to expand more on some things and skip past other things haha. The 100 year planning is something we should have been thinking about as human caretakers of this planet, hundreds of years ago. And I think for some peoples that is exactly the sort of timeframes they have planned from. But certainly in this modern world it feels like we don’t really plan at all, we just consume.

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